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Kit Laybourne and the Epstein Connection

stock here, I didn’t want to lose this, it looks important

New Dig! Kit Laybourne — Why is this childrens animation producer on the Epstein flight manifest?(pizzagate)

submitted 4 months ago by Vindicator

Came across this videoYouTube that does a deep dive into Jeffrey Epstein’s flight manifests and just a few minutes in at 6:28, he mentions this Laybourne guy. His Wikipedia pagehttps://archive.fo/fzy9f mentions he’s a close colleague of Brazilian baby-farmer promoter Oprah Winfrey:

Kit Laybourne is a TV producer and educator. Laybourne was an executive producer of animation, documentary and interactive shows at Oxygen Network a company co-founded by his wife Geraldine and Oprah Winfrey. His major production credits[1] include Eureeka’s Castle and Gullah Gullah Island for Nickelodeon, Liquid Television for MTV, Braingames for HBO, and Media Probes for PBS. Most recently, he became Chief Creative Officer for The Whistle, a media company focusing on sports for kids.[2]

Kit’s community service has included Board positions with Earth Vision Trust and The Bank Street College of Education. He was on an Education Advisory Group with the Cooper-Hewett Museum and has been an Advisor to The Opportunity Agenda, an organization building the national will to expand opportunity in America. Kit and his wife, Geraldine Laybourne, are long time supporters of the Bard High School & Early College program in Newark, Queens and Manhattan.

Laybourne is married to Geraldine Bond, founder of Nickelodeon, who “led the team that created Nickelodeon in the 1980s and ’90s and co-founded Oxygen Media.” We have piles of material showing Nickelodeon is basically a pedophile watering hole.

Geraldine was also on Epstein’s flight manifest (see vid at 6:44). Here’s the page from the flight manifestPNG, which shows they went from JFK to MRY — which is the Monterey Regional Airport in California.

PLEASE HELP! We need to dig into this couple’s social media, and dig up pics of who else they may be hanging around with. Please archive and screencap everything BEFORE posting, and post links to the archives as well as the originals.

I haven’t watched the rest of the video yet — the fact the Laybournes have never come up in our Pedowood research made me want to get a submission together on this immediately. 🙂

@darkknight111@gamepwn@ASolo@New4now@3141592653 Did you guys know Espstein flew these two around?

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[–]NOMOCHOMO 14 points (+14|-0)4 months ago  (edited 4 months ago)

EDIT 3: “TALKING SEX…with your KIDS”

HBO Doc written, directed, and produced by Kit Laybourne in 1982


Edit 2:


(Pdf warning)

Kit & Gerry Laybourne and Jeffrey Epstein both donated in 1995 to the Brooklyn Academy of Music/The Dance Theater of Harlem, (which has ties to Bill Cosby)

Dance Theatre of Harlem’s television credits include European and American airings of A Streetcar Named Desire, and an NBC special featuring Giselle, with Bill Cosby as host.

@vindicator@shewhomustbeobeyed@carmencita@asolo I have been aware of this for some time, and have been fleshing out some research. If you know my alt on CDAN, i did a lot of research on the history of nickelodeon.

there is a lot of smoke surrounding the laybourne family: She is an education psychologist, He is an animator. Together they are a perfect team for designing indoctrinating children’s tv

A. 2002 Monterey California “Billionaires Dinner”. This is the reason Kit and Gerry flew on Epstein’s plane. Both were guests/Epstein flew them to Monterey.


Photo Proof: (https://imgoat.com/uploads/74ad4786c3/203513.pngPNG (Note Rupert Murdoch, Jeff Bezos, Stephen Pinker, etc) Gerry is not featured in the photo on epstein’s plane, but is in another photo at the dinner

B. Gerry Laybourne is the reason Nickelodeon gave Dan Schneider a show. When his show tested poorly, Laybourne picked it up anyway.


Dan Schneider: I didn’t have any big expectations for All That because, at the time, I knew almost nothing about the world of kids TV. Creating All That was a ton of fun and I gave it my best because I wanted it to be good and successful. But I just considered it a temp job. I was an actor. I never thought becoming a writer/producer would turn into a full-time thing for me.

Anyways, after we made the All That pilot, about six months went by and I didn’t hear much of anything from Brian or the network. At some point, I called Brian and asked him if the network was planning to pick up the show. He wasn’t sure. Then I heard that the pilot “hadn’t tested great.” You see, whenever you make a new TV pilot, the network tests the show with focus groups. So, for All That, they got a bunch of kids—boys, girls, different age groups—and they let them watch the show, and then moderators ask them questions, sort of like a group review. I actually still have the results from those tests. Basically, the people who ran the testing wrote a report—a summary—and they said that while kids might like some aspects of the show, overall, kids wouldn’t like All That. I think that’s why nothing happened for six months. The pilot only tested “so-so,” so the network was nervous about picking it up.

Then, if I recall correctly, I heard that the president of Nickelodeon (at the time), a woman named Geraldine Laybourne, watched the All That pilot and loved it. She said something like, “This show is great. Why haven’t we picked this up yet? Let’s make it.” Next thing I knew, we were back in Orlando, where we’d shot the pilot, and we were making a bunch of episodes of All That. It was a blast. I loved every minute of it.

C. Gerry and Kit applauded their children’s “comical” celebration of incest:

Emmy Laybourne took the stage with her younger brother, Sam. It was a benefit night at the Kitchen for the Center for Discovery, a camp for people with severe disabilities, and the audience wasn’t the usual alternative comedy crowd, but men in suits and women in cocktail dresses. A tape started playing a schmaltzy melody, and Ms. Laybourne, dressed in a sleeveless red top and long black skirt, began to sing lyrics she’d written: “We could walk on sandy beaches,” Emmy began innocently enough. “We could backpack through Europe,” Sam responded.

Soon brother and sister were chiming in on a disturbing chorus: “But we can’t make love–because we are related! It’s taboo for me and you!” They danced lasciviously with each other, then backed off guiltily.

In the audience were the Laybournes’ mother and father–Geraldine Laybourne, the former head of Nickelodeon and now potentate of the new women’s cable and Internet channel, Oxygen, and Kit Laybourne, the former head of the Colossal Pictures animation studio who is now developing programming for Oxygen.

The little duet kept going: “I used to watch you sleeping when you were a little child,” sang Emmy. “And I thought to myself as I saw you, so weak, so defenseless–man, it would be wild!” To which Sam replied: “I used to watch you bathing when you went through puberty. And I thought to myself as I saw you emerge from the water–why can’t she be with me?”

At the end of the number, the Laybourne parents applauded loudly for Emmy’s paean to incest. What parent wouldn’t be proud?

“She was born creative,” Geraldine Laybourne said after the show. “She really didn’t have a choice. This poor kid was tortured. She and Sam used to say, ‘Please, Mom, no more TV!’”

D. The Laybournes filmed neighborhood children getting covered in slime in their basement in the 1980’s….


She rearranged Nickelodeon with the force of a tornado, starting as a consultant at the network launch in 1979. After getting a master’s degree in elementary education at the University of Philadelphia, she formed an independent production studio and, with her husband, Kit, an independent filmmaker, was creating pilots for the network. The following year, Laybourne joined as a programming manager and was elevated to general manager in 1986. At the time, Nickelodeon was losing $10 million a year as a commercial-free channel with the lowest ratings in cable. It was the “spinach channel,” bitter tasting–but good for kids.

Guided by rigorous focus groups with children, Laybourne honed a philosophy for the network based on the mind-set that growing up is tough. But the network had little money for developing programs to help kids cope, so Laybourne bought cheap old shows and packaged them to look cool. She started accepting advertising and retooling the economics of production to make originals affordable. Game shows came first, with “Double Dare” debuting in 1986, shattering the myth that kids would only watch nimation. She produced the show with neighborhood kids in the basement of her New Jersey home.

E. Creepy line from Kit Laybourne


A sense of community is still a part of their life. At their vacation house 45 minutes outside Telluride, the Laybournes built two oversized bunk beds in the living room, with curtains that can be drawn for privacy. (Their own bed is in another room, on rollers, railroad-style, so that they can sleep under the stars on the balcony at the end of the tracks.) Kit says weekend guests love the bunk beds: “There is something lewd about adults sleeping together in one room.”

This is just what I remember, I’ll check some of my stuff and see if I found anything else.

Edit: I believe that “safe spaces” were first pushed by nickelodeon, along with other progressive-facist concepts


Geraldine Laybourne, the educator who led Nickelodeon during its formative years, shares the story of her first visit to the set of Linda Ellerbee’s groundbreaking Nickelodeon news program. “Linda had posted a sign that said ‘Question Authority.’ I told her to take it down… and replace it with a sign that said ‘Question Everything.'”

When Nickelodeon was launched in 1990, the network issued a Declaration of Kids’ Rights that, in many ways, serves as the mantra that The Hooked Up Generation grew up with and that defines how they perceive their rights and entitlements.

Nickelodeon’s Declaration of Kids’ Rights June 7, 1990 In the course of history, it has become pretty clear that all people are born with certain inalienable rights; among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But these rights haven’t always applied to kids. And that stinks! Now, 200 years after the creation of America’s Bill of Rights, this declaration proclaims to the world that you have rights too:

You have the right to be seen, heard and respected as a citizen of the world.

You have the right to a world that’s peaceful and an environment that’s not spoiled.

You have the right to be treated with equality; regardless of race, religion, nationality, sex, personality, grades or size.

You have the right to make mistakes without someone making you feel like a jerkhead.

You have the right to be protected from harm, injustice and hatred.

You have the right to an education that prepares you to run the world when it’s your turn.

You have the right to your opinions and feelings, even if others don’t agree with them.

So there!

“When we first came up with the mission to connect with kids and connect kids with each other through the world of entertainment, we were less a cable TV network and more a philosophy,” Gerry Laybourne explains. “We had a wide range of TV including Linda’s news programs that covered topics like AIDS and the Gulf War, game shows like Double Dare, cartoons like Doug and Rugrats, live action shows like Clarissa and All That. We encouraged kids to try new things and supported them when they didn’t succeed.”


[–]Vindicator[S] 5 points (+5|-0)4 months ago 

Wow! Great stuff NC! Thank you for adding this. That’s pretty damning.


[–]carmencita 3 points (+3|-0)4 months ago 

UpVoat! Outstanding report.

She produced the show with neighborhood kids in the basement of their New Jersey home.

WHAT? After reading about the incest skit her offspring put on we know the had and have a very loose perception of who has sex with whom. Shocking to say the least.

“There is something lewd about adults sleeping together in one room.”

WHAT does that mean? She is either turned off by it or turned on by it and is into orgies, or what. Or are they into Smaller People? Their Children have a twisted sick idea about incest and age of consent so what went on in their home? A free for all possibly, like ala Clement Freud and family?


[–]carmencita 9 points (+9|-0)4 months ago 

I am horrible at archiving but have found a connection with Geraldine L and HRC. Hillary another passenger on Epstein’s plane.


The other day in Manhattan, Hillary Clinton supporters met for lunch at the home of the media executive Geraldine Laybourne. A group of 50, mostly women, was determined to generate excitement for Clinton’s campaign for president. They were frustrated to see her lagging again among younger voters, and their invited speaker was Kenyatta Cheese, a young Obama campaign veteran and internet impresario.

Geraldine is also linked to D Geffen


Herbert J. Allen Jr.’s male-dominated annual power powwow in Sun Valley, Idaho, is breaking with tradition. Not only are there more female executives on the corporate guest list this year than usual–a whopping six out of 104 or so–there will be a first-ever panel discussion led by and about women and business.

Allen’s famed, though secretive, annual confab, which runs July 7 to 12, is the 16th edition and has become a sort of high-powered male-bonding session for some of the world’s most influential investors, chief executives and media moguls including the likes of Warren Buffett, Paul Allen, Rupert Murdoch, Sumner Redstone, John Malone, Gerald Levin, Michael Eisner, David Geffen, Barry Diller, Edgar Bronfman Jr., Bill Gates, Andy Grove, Herbert Siegel and Philip Knight.

Allen–Wall Street’s mighty investment banker to the (media) stars–encourages his guests to bring their wives and kids along to the mountain retreat, billed as a family getaway with planned activities ranging from ice skating and kickball to fly-fishing and a rodeo.

While the family is at play, the moguls huddle to talk about changes in the industry.

But the number of top female executives on hand representing corporations in any given year has been few and far between–as they are in the industry in general. Last year, Mattel Inc. President and CEO Jill Barad became the first female CEO ever invited to make a company presentation.

This year, Barad is one of four women at the conference speaking on a panel titled “Women and Business,” along with Washington Post Chairwoman Katherine Graham, former Disney/ABC Cable Networks President Geraldine Laybourne, and fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg. ABC’s Prime Time Live co-host Diane Sawyer will moderate. (Pleasant T. Rowland, who just sold her doll company to Mattel in a $700-million deal engineered by Allen & Co., is the other female executive guest, though she will not be on the panel).

Graham, Laybourne and Von Furstenberg also have been executive guests at the conference before. Von Furstenberg runs in media circles as a close friend of Barry Diller. And it helps to be an Allen & Co. client. The investment bank is actively raising money for Laybourne, who recently started her own production company with her former lawyer–Lisa Hall, who left her practice–to serve the quickly converging Internet and television worlds.

Another new and seemingly politically correct addition is a panel called “Race in the Workplace: Past Practices/Future Challenges,” which Tom Brokaw, another Allen friend, will moderate. Panelists include Time Warner President Richard Parsons, Black Entertainment Television founder Robert Johnson, Eastman Kodak’s George Fisher, Washington Post Co. Chairman Donald Graham, and Leslie Jones, a student at the Roberto C. Goizueta Business School at Emory University in Atlanta.

Seems like Geraldine has connections to many that we have researched before. David Geffen, Barry Diller, Edgar Bronfman Jr. and Diane von Furstenberg to name just a few.


[–]ASolo 4 points (+4|-0)4 months ago 

The Most Stylish Shades From the Sun Valley Conference Photos | Vanity FairPNG


[–]carmencita 2 points (+2|-0)4 months ago 

WOW. That’s the trafficker king on the right? Just getting together for good clean fun my arse.

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[–]Vindicator[S] 4 points (+4|-0)4 months ago 

Thanks for adding that 🙂


[–]Vindicator[S] 5 points (+5|-0)4 months ago 

Another connection between Laybournes and Bill Gates is the school Kit Laybourne sits on the board of: Bard High School. It’s a school for gifted rich kids started with money from the Gates Foundation. Their claim to fame is kids start college two years early (only two years of high school). There didn’t appear to be any pedo teacher scandals associated with the school(s) though.

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[–]NOMOCHOMO 4 points (+4|-0)4 months ago 


I don’t want this to be ignored because of TTT, but check this out:


[Sun Valley Lodge] was built by Pilgrim’s Society member Averill Harriman in the 1930’s

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[–]carmencita 3 points (+3|-0)4 months ago 

BTW, I was getting a sinking feeling about what else might be going on at Sun Valley. Especially with Geffen and Diller there. When I read that they brought their children, I immediately thought of the swimming pool and the grandchildren in the Podesta emails. Creepy.


[–]carmencita 2 points (+2|-0)4 months ago 

YW 🙂


[–]ASolo 3 points (+3|-0)4 months ago  (edited 4 months ago)

My god this conference is a regular bacchanalian orgy and seems like the entire lot of mk-cultural engineers are in attendance. They must have had to put chastity belts on the entire dinner staff to preclude any pre-party rapes.


[–]carmencita 2 points (+2|-0)4 months ago 

Bingo. Those were my exact thoughts. I had horrid visions of the Childten being brought there. Wonder if everyone made it out alive. Scary.


[–]za-throwaway 7 points (+7|-0)4 months ago 

Geraldine Laybourne appears in Podesta emails, for a group call with HRC, John Podesta and others: https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/23129


[–]Vindicator[S] 2 points (+2|-0)4 months ago 

Nice catch!


[–]argosciv 5 points (+5|-0)4 months ago 

Just popping in here to say thanks for the pings I’ve been getting. I know I haven’t been responding, but I’ve been reading when notified and do appreciate being kept in the loop. Keep up the good work, everyone.

@NOMOCHOMO@SandHog@new4now@darkknight111@gamepwn (+ other contributors)


[–]NOMOCHOMO 5 points (+5|-0)4 months ago 

Lol. And of course there is a Freemason Connection

Ohio State Senator Michael A Broadstone is Kit Laybourne’s (and Everett’s) Grandpa


This is his book about his county in Ohio w/ an autobiographical segment

Mr Broadstone is affiliated with the local lodges of the Masons the Odd Fellows and the Knights of Pythias at Xenia



[–]NOMOCHOMO 2 points (+2|-0)4 months ago 



[–]NOMOCHOMO 5 points (+5|-0)4 months ago  (edited 4 months ago)



Kit Laybourne’s sister is married to Bill & Hillary Clinton’s lawyer….. (Rhode Scholar, Yale, Oxford,….you know the type)


Anne Laybourne – David Kendall


P.S. According to the announcement, Kendall was a stockbroker with David a NOYES & CO


[–]Vindicator[S] 2 points (+2|-0)4 months ago 

Their web of slime just gets more and more elaborate.


[–]NOMOCHOMO 4 points (+4|-0)4 months ago 

I’m not sure if this is a rabbit hole or a tunnel system.



Lawrence E. Laybourne was the Chief Trustee of the “Washington Journalism Center”

Information on the “Washington Journalism Center”: (started by Stanford and Columbia trained journalists [probably spooks])


Lawrence E. Laybourne (though apparently Unitarian) is also affiliated with the Anglo-Catholic wing of the Episcopal Church and was appointed a “Member At Large of the general division of layman’s work of the Executive Council”


The string I’m most eager to follow, is “Wesley LEE Laybourne”


WESLEY LEE LAYBOURNE CIA Officer: Wesley Lee Laybourne, 69, a retired Central Intelligence Agency officer, died of cancer Jan. 12 at his home in Great Falls. Mr. Laybourne was born in New Richmond, Ind. He moved to the Washington area in 1941 and graduated from Western High School. During World War II, he was an aviation cadet in the Army Air Forces. He graduated from the University of Virginia in 1951 and joined the CIA that year. His service included 10 years in Brazil. He received the Intelligence Medal of Merit. He retired in 1980. Later, he did consulting work with the Department of Defense. Mr. Laybourne was a member of the U.S. Professional Tennis Registry. In retirement, he was a teaching tennis pro. He was a member of River Bend Country Club and St. Thomas a Becket Catholic Church in Reston. Survivors include his wife, Margaret Dacey Laybourne of Great Falls; five children, Ann Loomis, Christopher Laybourne, Daniel Laybourne, Alison Hokamp and Timothy Laybourne, all of Sterling; a sister, Phyllis Hallman of Fairfax; and nine grandchildren.

Wesley Laybourne was the Acting Chief, Western Hemisphere, Cuban Operations Group



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[–]NOMOCHOMO 2 points (+2|-0)4 months ago 



[–]carmencita 1 points (+1|-0)4 months ago 

Wow what a find. These evil doers are always connected somehow. Rhodes Scholars stick together.


[–]shewhomustbeobeyed 1 points (+1|-0)4 months ago  (edited 4 months ago)

Nice 🙂



wiki – https://archive.fo/oGtOC

cloudfront – https://archive.is/iPYTa

books – https://web.archive.org/web/20190307184351/https://books.google.com/books?id=NpM_q5sqwX0C&pg=PT239&lpg=PT239&dq=The+Washington+Journalism+Center+2401+VIRGINIA+AVENUE,+N.W.,+WASHINGTON,+D.C.&source=bl&ots=64_Ie2C92v&sig=ACfU3U1eysC51U4PG2z4lmVlsiD4FNhdXw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi27dn_yfDgAhWUpZ4KHbg3DP0Q6AEwBXoECBgQAQ#v=onepage&q=The%20Washington%20Journalism%20Center%202401%20VIRGINIA%20AVENUE%2C%20N.W.%2C%20WASHINGTON%2C%20D.C.&f=false


wapo – https://archive.is/aLEoS

archives.gov – https://web.archive.org/web/20190307185039/https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/104-10217-10117.pdf

wiki – https://archive.is/b5g0P and https://archive.is/gooRe

tumblr – https://archive.is/ltd64

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[–]argosciv 5 points (+5|-0)4 months ago  (edited 4 months ago)

Geraldine Laybourne: Other Work

Links herein are via archive.is where possible

From (“Gerry”) Geraldine Laybourne wiki: https://archive.is/1Tns4

Laybourne sits on the Symantec Board,[7] Betaworks, and 9 Story, a Canadian production and distribution company. She serves as Chairman of the Board of Alloy Inc. and Katapult. Previously, she served on the boards of JC Penney, Electronic Arts, Move.com, Defy Media, and Kindercare.

Laybourne has been on the Board of Vassar College (since 1998). She is an advisor to Springboard, Vital Voices and Acumen Fund. Laybourne sat on the boards or advisory committees of The National Cable & Telecommunications Association, The National Council for Families and Television, New York Women in Film & Television (Advisory Board), and Cable Positive (Honorary Chair), and The White House Project.

Laybourne started the mentoring program, Global Women’s Mentoring Walks, which pairs established and emerging women professionals to engage in mentoring partnerships in communities across the globe.[8]


Gerry was on the Board of Directors for Symantec (wiki) for approximately 9.75 years, from Jan 1, 2008 through to Sep, 2018.


Gerry joined the Board at Betaworks (wiki)on, between or around Feb 1st – 5th, 2014. She appears to still be a member.

Gerry is a serial entrepreneur in media and technology. Currently she is the Chairman and Co-Founder of Kandu, a technology company for kids.


I haven’t determined when Kandu was founded, but, this March 31, 2014 article contains some pertinent info and a mention of Gerry being a co-founder and that it is funded in-part by Betaworks.


Kandu helps kids learn to code, but don’t call it an education app

What makes Kandu, an until-now stealth iPad app funded by Betaworks and operating in closed beta, different is that its makers don’t want you to think of it as an education app. With a team that includes an ex-President of MTV and an ex-President at Nickelodeon, Kandu is being pushed as pure entertainment, designed to compete against YouTube videos and Angry Birds for children’s precious time, not other learning apps.

Although the game doesn’t teach programming languages, it does show kids the fundamentals of object-oriented programming where different classes of actions and attributes are applied to images and concepts. A blue monster might explode when it comes into contact with a octopus. Or gameplay might end after a user drags a ball into a hoop. It also teaches kids how to organize all of these actions in a clean way, promoting best coding practices before even teaching a line of code, says Kandu CEO David Bennahum.

Again though, the educational benefits of the app are secondary to the team’s mission statement, which is to build a fun entertainment product tailored to children’s digital tablet-friendly consumption habits that also encourages self-expression and connectivity. At Nickelodeon, Kandu co-founder Gerry Laybourne put shows like “You Can’t Do That on Television” and “Double Dare” on TV, spending a great deal of time with kids and thinking about their consumption habits. Later she worked on Disney Imagineering to imagine “what an interactive world would be for kids.”

“Disney didn’t get it,” she said, adding that the company thought porting Mickey Mouse to a website was all it took to engage kids online. But with games, TV shows, and YouTube videos all attracting kids’ attention on their iPads, it takes more than talking Disney princesses to keep youngsters interested. According to Common Sense Media, 3/4 of all US children have access to a mobile device at home, and 10 percent of kids under two have used a smartphone or tablet. “They love these devices,” Laybourne says. The trick is “to convert that usage into actual creation.”

To determine how to make this creative “hacker”-style of building fun, they recruited young testers from anywhere they could, including public schools, nonprofits like Girls Who Code, and the team’s own family and friends. Board member Sara Levinson, ex-President of MTV, says she was riding in a cab one day and recruited the driver’s child to be part of the test group.

So far, Kandu has raised a $2.4 million seed round led by Betaworks. Other investors include ex-Discovery president and former Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Judith McHale and Akamai chairman George Conrades. It’s also in early talks to possibly raise a Series A round.


Gerry is a Co-Founder and Chairman of Katapult. Betaworks is among the investors. Katapult is the current iteration of the previously discussed Kandu.


Operator of a digital entertainment platform designed to develop and create games. The company’s platform offers sandbox game where one can create life block by block, enabling users to create online games and applications without knowing how to code in an enhanced way.

Formerly Known As


9 Story Media Group

Gerry joined the Board of Directors of 9 Story Media Group (wiki)on or around Nov 10, 2015. She appears to still be a member.

Laybourne’s appointment follows 9 Story’s recent acquisition of the award winning studio Brown Bag Films and is part of the company’s strategy to become a first choice destination for creators and show runners.


Laybourne has made an investment in the private equity fund headed by her longtime business associate and media investor Strauss Zelnick that controls 9 Story. Laybourne is set to play an active role in guiding the company’s expansion of its TV programming and digital endeavors.

Alloy Inc. / Defy Media

Alloy Inc. is a predecessor/parent to Defy Media (wiki). Gerry has been a member of the Board for both entities, from at least June 25, 2010. She appears to still be involved, though may not be – verification required.


Alloy, Inc.

Alloy, Inc. (also known as Alloy Online) was founded in 1996 by James K. Johnson and Matthew Diamond as a holding company for Alloy, a teen-oriented magazine and website. By the time the company went public in May 1999, the website earned $15.5 million in monthly revenue and 1.3 million registered users. In January 2000, they purchased book publisher 17th Street Productions, renaming it Alloy Entertainment.[10]

Alloy’s additional early assets included Delia’s (acquired 2003, spun-off in 2005), CCS.com (acquired 2000, sold to Foot Locker in 2008), and Channel One News (acquired 2007, sold to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in 2014).[11]

Alloy Digital

In 2009, Alloy created a division called Alloy Digital Networks to hold its online properties.

Alloy was then made private through acquisition by an investment group led by Zelnick Media Capital in 2010, and was re-incorporated as Alloy Digital in 2011. Within the next two years, Alloy Digital acquired Smosh,[12] Themis Media (parent company of The Escapist and WarCry Network),[13] Generate LA-NY, and Clevver Media.[14] Zelnick also sold Alloy Entertainment to Warner Bros. Television in 2012.

Merger and investment

In October 2013, Alloy Digital and Break Media merged to become Defy Media. The deal was brokered by RBC Capital Markets, and the resulting entity was owned in part by Zelnick Media, ABS Capital Partners, and Lionsgate.[15]

Viacom purchased a stake of Defy Media in 2014, in exchange for ownership of GameTrailers, Addicting Games, and Shockwave.[16] In 2016, Defy settled a $70MM investment by Wellington Management Company, and Zelnick Media exited from investment in 2017.


Gerry joined the Board of Directors for Move, Inc.(Owner of Move.com) (wiki)on or around June 27, 2006 and, according to Bloomberg, left on Dec 31, 2010 (See bottom for profile – much more info available; READ).


Between 1990 and 1995, Gerry served on the Board of Directors of Kinder Care Learning Centers, owned by KinderCare (wiki).

Geraldine B. Laybourne Bloomberg Profile

link: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=597832&privcapId=24625

screenshot: https://imgoat.com/uploads/74ad4786c3/203788.pngPNG



[–]new4now 3 points (+3|-0)4 months ago  (edited 4 months ago)


Its 43-year-old CEO, Matt Diamond, is one of the most influential executives in youth and pop culture marketing.

Alloy, since the late 1990s, has perhaps exerted more influence over the minds of American teenagers (and girls in particular) than any other commercial entity.

things it’s created: the TV shows Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries, the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants novels turned movies, and books like “The A-List,” “Private,” “The Clique.”

Alloy’s acquisition by Zelnick Media in 2010 (which put Geraldine Laybourne on Alloy’s board) and his plans to find the next Pretty Little Liars-another TV show that came out of Alloy.

The company’s current media brands include Channel One, the school TV program provider; gURL.com; Teen.com; Takkle (for high school sports); and Smosh.com.



[–]NOMOCHOMO 1 points (+1|-0)4 months ago  (edited 4 months ago)

KinderCare sounds troubling

I also found this: Geraldine Laybourne is part of the “Dad’s and Daughter’s foundation” as part of the “See Jane” Initiative

PDF warning

https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjU4oWfxuvgAhW6CTQIHYY2AzgQFjAAegQIARAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.guidestar.org%2FViewEdoc.aspx%3FeDocId%3D4595%26approved%3DTrue&usg=AOvVaw01sR0DLOjQVYJR_6D9KrQr EDIT (not the founder), an activist Member claims the foundation gave him the courage to confront a business owner,after seeing a billboard sexualizing young girls. Considering that’s Laybourne/Nickelodeon’s MO, she seems like an unlikely ally.


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KinderCare sounds troubling

I also found this: Geraldine Laybourne is part of the “Dad’s and Daughter’s foundation” as part of the “See Jane” Initiative

the founder claims he started the foundation after seeing a billboard sexualizing young girls. Considering that’s Laybourne/Nickelodeon’s MO, she seems like an unlikely ally.

Archived and pinpointed mention of Laybourne + others:


Geena has already attracted some of the most influential and thoughtful leaders inentertainment and academia to endorse and advise the project – including Dr. Alvin Poussaint of Harvard University, former Nickelodeon head Geraldine Laybourne, Dustin Hoffman, Jamie Lee Curtis, Arianna Huffington, Rob Reiner, UCLA’s Dr.Barbara Nelson, PBS’ Linda Simensky, Girl Scouts of the USA’s Kathy Cloningerand Nickelodeon’s Brown Johnson.

LOL! Rob Reiner. Fuck I hate him.


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Thanks for the ping!


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@srayzie@Shizy@MolochHunter@shewhomustbeobeyed (see parent: Geraldine B. Laybourne’s other work)


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Big find. (Warner-Amex owned/founded nickelodeon). Vivian Horner was VP and creator of the first show PINWHEEL. Her thoughts on privacy concerns of networked cable television…in the 1980’S

Check out all the UNESCO citations


Privacy expectations in an information age

Jeffrey A. Meldman




“From the Warner-Amex executive side the response is that some of us are unduly alarmed. Or that yes it can happen, but it won’t happen here. Their more learned responses, like that of Dr. Vivian Horner, vice president, have been reported as, “People don’t think of the telephone as an invasion of privacy Yet each call you make is recorded. When people get used to two-way cable as to the telephone. They will take it as a matter of fact.”

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