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Massive Earthquake (s) Alert!

stock here

This is absolutely Insane!
I would call it a 4 sigma event
Days with EQ numbers in the 20s are rare
I believe this is the lowest I have ever seen.
There is a disturbance in the Zeitgiest of the Force, with an incoming massive CME that is fortunately a glancing blow from the right limb of the Sun

When Bitchute finishes processing, important video will be here—

And don’t miss this site that does extensive work on solar system geometry (electromagnetism, plasma, ions, etc).


2 replies on “Massive Earthquake (s) Alert!”

We shall see, my call needs to come true before Fridays end. Or Not. I actually reduced my stock market positions I was quite sure we get a big one, enough to even move the markets.
Space Weather Woman does good presentations too…stuff that no one else covers.

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