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The NFL is Corrupt As Hell — Chairman “Hires” One of the Most Corrupt Obama Era Woman Lawyer from Columbia to “Sustain” a Fine of $60M Against Owner Who Touched a Womans Thigh

stock — Well maybe he did more than just that….oh looks like he opened a line of credit, although there are no claims of wrong doing — it looks like a BS nothing burger to me

A US$55 million loan became the primary focus of federal prosecutors, which initially was discovered as a footnote in an April 2020 financial report. The team had taken out the credit line 16 months earlier without the knowledge and required approval of Snyder’s minority partners, Robert Rothman, Dwight Schar, and Frederick W. Smith, who owned 40% of the team collectively.[76]Bank of America officials repeatedly asked team executives for proof that the board had approved the loan, but team executives ignored all requests before the loan closed.[76] According to arbitration documents, the partners demanded that the NFL investigate the origin of Snyder’s loan, yet neither NFL commissioner Roger Goodell nor the NFL arbitrator investigated the allegations. Four days after the partners asked the NFL to seek proof that the loan was legally obtained, the NFL shut down arbitration proceedings.[76]

Dan Snyder is Jewish….maybe he didn’t cowtow to all the rules of the Tribe?


This is the original story. A rabbit hole run for sure. Why they targeted this guy is a story all by itself. I don’t have that answer


stock here: this is part of the 4th Turning, this is where we are at. Please take a good look Mary Jo White. Besides lambasting to mostly innocent, protecting the guilty, and aiding the Opioid Epidemic (those are her good points) she is just overall a horrible person.s


Return to private practice

Following her departure as Chair of the SEC, White rejoined Debevoise & Plimpton in February 2017.[26] In that same year, White was a member of a National Football League‘s external expert advisory panel on domestic violence, reviewing allegations against Ezekiel Elliott. He was suspended for six games.[27]

In 2017, White was retained by the University of Rochester to investigate professor T. Florian Jaeger, by whom sixteen students had complained of being sexually harassed. White’s firm was hired to conduct an independent investigation but proceeded without any input from the plaintiffs from the case, due to their pending litigation.[28] White’s team broke confidentiality agreements with witnesses by making public names that they had promised would remain confidential.[29] Based on White’s legal opinion that no laws had been broken,[30] the University of Rochester argued that the case should be dismissed. The judge, however, sided with the plaintiffs in a 58-page ruling which “repeatedly knocked down specific rebuttals from the university” including White’s claims.[31] The case later settled with the plaintiffs with no-fault admitted for $9.4 million.[32]

In August 2018, White chaired the investigation related to Ohio State‘s football coach Urban Meyer‘s denials of knowing about domestic violence committed by one of his former assistant coaches, Zach Smith.[33]

In August 2019, White was retained by Les Wexner as a criminal defense attorney in matters to the investigation of Jeffrey Epstein.[34]

Throughout her career, White has represented members of the Sackler family and Purdue Pharma in litigation brought by victims of the opioid epidemic.[35] In 2006, White, along with Rudy Giuliani, pressured the Department of Justice not to pursue criminal charges against key executives in Purdue Pharma.[36] Mary Jo White’s advocacy meant that Purdue was able to aggressively continue to sell OxyContin across the United States.[36] White continued to represent Purdue Pharma after this, advocating for a settlement in bankruptcy court that would have absolved the Sackler Family of any criminal liability from their role in the opioid epidemic.[37] That settlement was overturned by the Southern District of New York in December 2021.[38]

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…..And WHAT do we Do with WITCHES?
Good old Monty Python…..
to realize that in the true hearted past,
the simple Revulsion felt by the normal people at seeing such
an ugly, twisted person would result in the Removal, exclusion of
such a person….a Cleansing of the local society.
Damn the Devil! as old Dr. Gene Scott said on his TV show!

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