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COVID Tyranny in the UK Accelerates Years After It Is All Over

stock here: One of the End Goals is Tyranny. In UK they are

prosecuting 100s of people a month, and 28,000 total for breaking the lockdowns.

If the person objects to the fines (6000 to 10,000 GBP) then the Government will without notice before or after, “try their case in absensia” (without the defendant being present, sometimes not even being aware they are being tried, as in the letter never arrived).


Old people receiving government benefits see the Tyrants that be, simply take away their benefits until the fine is paid.

4 replies on “COVID Tyranny in the UK Accelerates Years After It Is All Over”

Just saw the first three episodes on DVD of “The Tudors” showtime epic.
Cardinal Woolsey takes treasonous payola pension from the French Catholic
authorities, with promise that the French will support Woolsey’s
ascension to the Papacy, secretly working against Henry the 8th, and
then Woolsey fingers an underling and sends him to death at the Tower of
London to hide his own treachery. Rule Britannia! Sorry!
My Family Name was in America 121 years before the American Revolution!
Pride goeth before a Fall!
Thanks for this Good Work you are doing, Stock!

I googled your story and it is a most interesting one…..this word caught my eye…..hmmm

Seems that those in our government that wish to enrich themselves have fallen into this trap of sorts


The offense under English law of appealing to or obeying a foreign court or authority, thus challenging the supremacy of the Crown.The writ charging this offense.The penalty for this offense.

Thanks Stock!
The Chinese particularly, and some say the Jezz-yu-ittz,
can buy or threaten their way to accomplish anything they desire.
Maybe some real People’s Courts can eliminate such crap!

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