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Leonardo.AI Image Creation — Facebook Page Censors Stunning Asian Female, and Promotes Zombie Like Biden

It is certainly odd. I created an image of a Japanese Lady walking on the beach in Hawaii at sundown. It was hugely popular with 100s of like and many comments. It was taken down by the Moderators (not Facebook directly at least as far as we know). So I put it back up and it was intensely popular AGAIN, and Censored again!! The is certainly safe for work, unless you are in some woke nightmare place where beautiful females are deemed offensive. I also did a Buddha, at far bottom. And for reference the “Biden as Zombie” is quite popular and not censored.

What do you think? The Facebook page was really helpful in creating a quality “prompt” which is what the AI uses to create the image. But I don’t like the censorship, especially stupid and hypocritical censorship…refer to the images I put at the far bottom of the page….these all pass muster apparently.

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