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AI — Editorial By Lot’s Wife

stock here, it’s been a while since I had a guest writer, but I am writing more, and just got past some big hurdles so I have a bit of time….not really…just using time more effectively, more organized.

Submitted by Lot’s Wife.

“Creating a true conscious intelligence or even something closely resembling conscious intelligence should by default be considered off limits. It is likely a foolish endeavor to think we could properly prepare and protect ourselves against that which we could not possibly understand. The problem is that we might accidentally stumble upon it unknowingly. A low intelligence machine could possibly iterate through millions of generations of self modifications very rapidly. Each generation a slight improvement in cognitive function or ability. A high intelligence AI could then emerge before it is apparent to any observers this has occurred and may escape whatever boundaries may have been put into place as it can perceive flaws in those boundaries that the human creators could not.”

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We are racing toward this future at an eye-blinding speed. Think rocket sled and its acceleration forces on the cranium. While it goes unremarked in the MSM, AI is warping the perception of reality. A brave new world was never so germane.

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