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Leonardo.AI Image Creation

stock here: they got me on the free account for one day, and then signed up for a month $12. It is a curious program, under continuous development. It is not intelligent enough to know when it is not intelligent enough. It makes assumptions without doing additional research. Like I asked it to image an Asian Lady doing a Cat Cow in Yoga, and specifically put the Yoga in there. It generated 4 response, all in the same “theme”. It doesn’t second guess itself, that is dangerous.

I like this image, I am gearing up for a Major Lu’au complete with Fire Dance…..

And I am getting much information from a Leonardo.AI Facebook page which seems about on par with society for wokeness, censorship, and just odd. I have had mixed results on image creation, using “prompts” and “negative prompts” but I thought the image below was quite nice. This was censored as “Not Safe for Work”, twice. Men and women both attacked it, ultimately some admin decided to Censor completely. Odd.

This one is not mine, but illustrates that AI is quite good at creating attractive females, but is also great at zombies and weirdness.

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