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Image to Video – A New Twist

stock here,

He creates images in Leonardo.AI and then uses other programs to turn into videos and a short story.

Andre Dinardi Peixoto

“after that, the images came to life using “Runway”, and finally editing on “Capcut””

His page is here, he does zombies too, LOL


Here is my little experiment, where I tried “image to video” to create a little short for you guys. I’ve tried to create a story and than came up with the images with Leonardo.Ai Official, after that, the images came to life using “Runway”, and finally editing on “Capcut”. To understand the video, have a quick read at the story. I hope you guys enjoy watching as I enjoyed creating.


The story begins in a small town in the middle of nowhere. The town is called Oakvale, and it is a quiet and peaceful place. However, one day, a strange portal opens up in the woods near the town. The portal leads to a dark and mysterious dimension, and it is soon filled with monsters. The monsters start to attack the people of Oakvale, and the town is thrown into chaos. A group of young people, led by a young woman named Anya, decide to investigate the portal and find a way to close it. Anya and her friends soon discover that the portal is not just a gateway to another dimension, but also a gateway to the past. The monsters that are coming through the portal are creatures from a long-forgotten era, and they are determined to conquer our world. Anya and her friends must travel through time to find a way to close the portal and stop the monsters from destroying our world. Along the way, they will face many challenges, including the monsters themselves, the dangers of time travel, and the secrets of their own past.

As Anya and her friends delve deeper into their time-traveling quest, they encounter ancient civilizations, each facing their own unique set of challenges from the monstrous invaders. They learn that these creatures, once considered gods in those forgotten eras, were trapped in their dimension due to an ancient conflict with powerful beings known as the Celestial Guardians.

As the young adventurers piece together the puzzle of history, they uncover their connection to the long-lost Celestial Guardians. It is revealed that their ancestors were once protectors of the portals, maintaining the balance between dimensions. The responsibility of closing the portal now falls upon Anya and her friends, as they are the descendants of the Guardians.

With each portal they close, the young adventurers gain new abilities and understanding of their true purpose. They harness the elemental powers of their ancestors, using them to defeat the monsters and restore order to each era they visit. But as they close more portals, they start to notice a strange phenomenon—the monsters become stronger, seemingly drawing power from the closing of the portals.

Anya realizes that the only way to break this cycle is to confront the source of the monsters’ power—their ancient adversary, the Celestial Guardians themselves. The young adventurers embark on a perilous journey to find the Celestial Sanctum, a hidden realm where the Guardians reside.

Upon reaching the Celestial Sanctum, they face trials designed to test their worthiness. In each trial, they confront their deepest fears and doubts. The challenges make them question their purpose and abilities, but with the support of their friends and newfound strength, they push forward.

Finally, they stand before the Celestial Guardians, who initially view them as unworthy descendants. However, as the young adventurers plead their case and prove their dedication to protecting the worlds, the Guardians start to see the spark of their ancestors within them.

In a surprising twist, they learn that the monsters, who were once deemed evil, are merely seeking a way back to their own dimension, longing to escape an eternity of imprisonment. The Guardians realize their past actions and mistakes, leading to a moment of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Anya and her friends convince the Guardians that the key to peace lies not in closing all the portals but in finding a balance between worlds. With the newfound alliance, they agree to help the monsters return to their dimension while safeguarding portals to prevent further invasions.

As the monsters bid farewell to the young adventurers, gratitude and understanding fill their eyes. With the portal crisis resolved, Anya and her friends return to Oakvale, bringing peace and unity among the townspeople. The once fearful town is now a place of celebration, as the inhabitants recognize the bravery and wisdom of the young adventurers.

In the end, Oakvale becomes a haven for magical beings and creatures from various dimensions, all coexisting harmoniously. Anya and her friends, now hailed as heroes, embrace their destiny as the new generation of Celestial Guardians, dedicated to maintaining the balance between worlds.

As they look to the horizon, they know that the journey has only just begun. New adventures await, and the magic of the world now flourishes, ever-changing, and forever filled with possibilities beyond their wildest imaginations. The legacy of Anya and her friends lives on, inspiring generations to come to embrace the magic that lies within and to protect the wonders that exist in every dimension.


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