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How to Treat Ongoing Damage from the mRNA Injection and If You Been Shed

I made this in Leo.AI, I wanted a Mossad agent, maybe the girl does look a little Jewish.

I put 2 more images below, also created on Leo

stock here. So this applies to everyone. Prion Disease, Prior Like Disease, are similar to Mad Cow of JCD. And those are really bad. Jacob-Crutchfield Disease is like, Alheimers, a trajectory of death.

The author believes several such candidates may exist and their use for treating COVID “vaccine” induced prion disease needs
to be explored. These agents include doxycycline and related minocycline, quinacrine and ivermectin.


The author claims to be a participant in the NIH /NIAID training fellowship program. He strongly believes that the Israel CIA (The Mossad) if the prime driving force behind the bio-weapons. Certainly Mossad has infiltrated many organization including our CIA and FBI, and well as the CDC et al.

Please review the link above.

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