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Lahaina Fires

The money going to Ukraine, about 30% flows back to the leftist authoritarians that are burning down Canada and now this shot at Hawaii. This does not look like a normal fire to me. I put a drive through video at the far bottom with a bunch of screen captures from that video.

Hawaii is ultra liberal (and therefore the leftists can sell them just about any lie and they will suck it up and run with it)

Hawaii had some of the worst lockdowns, and gov bought up almost all the radio advertising to pump scary stories 24/7.    They had amazingly the year prior, built up 10 large messaging board over the most used highway segments and pumped out COVID propaganda.  

I was there.  It was hell for the brain dead, but paradise for me as I knew what was up and the beaches were open (when I was there) early on they closed the beaches and even arrested people for just paddle boarding.

Sure glad that wood fence didn’t burn while the car wheels smelted

Below is Kihei, this is 20 miles from Lahaina, Kihei is dry, its the windward side, although the wind often comes off the ocean as Haleakala heats up in the afternoon

The 2 above are Kihei, NOT Lahaina

Hmmmm, this seems like 1 building on fire

In the above picture, the cross street is Hokiokio Place, there are only 2 crossings of this Place and I copied both below.

This photo is a repeat of oen above, just the people moved a little.

The above, is Kula, far far away from Lahaina, yes they do have horses up there. Look how green the grass is. And where is the heavy equipment?

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