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In Horrific Irony, Celine Dion Promotes VXX, Shows “Leadership” as VXX Only at Concerts, Gets VXX, Muscle Tremors So Bad She Cancels Entire “VXX Only” Tour

Celine has been experiencing severe and persistent muscle spasms which are preventing her from performing. Her medical team continues to evaluate and treat her. However, the symptoms she is experiencing are prohibiting her from participating in the ongoing rehearsals for the new show.

“I’m heart broken by this, My team and I have been working on our new show for the past eight months, and to not be able to open this November saddens me beyond words.”


Very few Hollywood types “get it” I mean the real perspective.
George Clooney calls it a “crazy” situation that some of his brethren are eschewing the COVID-19 vaccine. “It’s stupid. And it’s stupid because every generation in our country for more than a lifetime has been asked to sacrifice something for the safety of their fellow man — get shot, fight Nazis,” he says. “All that anyone’s being asked here is to get a shot in the arm and put on a mask. Grow up. Get something done.”



The Irony continues with Sean Penn, walking off the stage of GasLit, as he is gas lighting the shit out of us, making us think we are crazy for not taking an experimental, never before used on humans “VXX”.

Penn, whose CORE organization was instrumental in supplying widespread COVID-19 testing and vaccine distribution across Los Angeles County, also stuck his neck out while promoting his MGM film Flag Day and requested that unvaccinated moviegoers skip the cinemas. “Stay home until you are convinced of these very clearly safe vaccines,” Penn told THR, adding: “We’ve normalized this notion of radical libertarianism, and it really is a violation of the idea of interconnectedness.”


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