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Torturing Puppies — Fauci, NIH, Using Your Tax Dollar For Poor Stupid Folk “Equity” in Dog Diseases

You thought that funding Gain of Function research to make more deadly viruses was bad (NIH has now confirmed that Fauci lied when he said they did not fund Gain of Function, NIH now admits they did fund GOF)

But this will make your blood boil.    This is a real story, too, not something made up.



TMZ removed their link to this story, but my reverse image search remembers they had this picture up for a while.    Until top brass insisted that this didn’t fit the narrative….


And here is the “study” itself!!!


I saved it on the wayback machine, as the Cabal overlords will surely not want real proof to remain in the public domain


5 replies on “Torturing Puppies — Fauci, NIH, Using Your Tax Dollar For Poor Stupid Folk “Equity” in Dog Diseases”

Oh also Frenchy You got to watch this presentation on BLACK GOO, this researcher also has NEW info on Fukushima and Chernobyl,

Wow!!! FRESH NEW INTEL on what really happened at Chernobyl. The reactor was being used to power a Scalar weapon that was attacking the US. The US asked Israel for Help and they sent a reverse shockwave that blew that bitch SKY HIGH, start minute 48:00,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8H1xBnzpX8
Courtesy of Agent Freak Nasty Intelligence Division….que-

Hey bro, good to see you back. You know Google totally shut my old site down when I exposed the VXX as a broad and deadly medical experiment to perfect their bioweapons on various demographics and temperatures, as well as being a fertility decreaser. 6 hours to be removed from 10 years of work and millions of views. Fuck them. I had a backup in full, but Blogger fucks the format enough that i needed a high level coding guy to restore, part functionality

Google sucks, you can basically use them to verify intel. just SEARCH BING and SEARCH Google , see what google is hiding then you know your on to something. I connected a HUGE DOT, to the self forming crystals being found in the vaxx. it goes back to operation crimson mist and the Rwanda genocide. Psychotronic mind control weapons

Connect the DOTS…..#Agentfreaknasty



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