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Great Fire Response Compared to The Bumbling and Murderous Response in Lahaina

stock here, saw this on Linkedin, and it is great. It shows exactly the opposite of the Hawaii, Maui, and Military response. I’ll send this to the Mayor and the police chief.

We live in one of the most free societies on the planet and we are fortunate to have highly evolved emergency services and social programs to support people during natural disasters. It is no coincidence that even with the hundreds of lost structures, there has been no loss of civilian life over the course of this historic wildfire season.

Misinformation is a highly destructive force that is sometimes harder to combat than natural disasters. As the director of Canada Task Force 1, let me be clear, our mission in West Kelowna and the Columbia Shuswap Regional District was to conduct Rapid Damage Assessments. The goal was simple—provide clarity to displaced residents, generate the information needed to restore services, make communities safe, and get people back into their homes.

During deployments, CAN-TF1 is always self-sufficient. We do not strain scarce community resources post-disaster. In only a few days, CAN-TF1 completed the following while on this deployment:

·      verified the status of 5,875 civic addresses that were potentially impacted by wildfire.
·      completed 1541 Rapid Damage Assessments (RDAs).
·      Utilized K9 search teams to search structures where the property was damaged and the status of the owner/occupants was unknown.
·      Moved pallets of food and a refrigeration unit into an evacuation area to assist an isolated community.

During our deployment, we did not limit anyone’s freedom, restrict anyone’s movement or violate anyone’s property rights. We were deployed domestically, by our provincial government to support the people of BC and we were welcomed with open arms. These are facts. Our helmets are blue and yes, it’s 100% confirmed, we are called “Canada Task Force 1.”

Wildfires can be an incredibly destructive natural force. Similarly, blanket distrust of institutions and public servants is an equally destructive force. In times of emergency, we need to band together and work collectively to support the people most affected. It’s time to work hard to rebuild a better and more resilient society. To the makers of this video, what have you done to this end?


——————————————————————- Summary of Lahaina

FACTS THAT WE DO KNOW (these come straight from the local survivors):

1. The police barricaded every exit from the city.

2. No sirens went off.

3. The water was cut off by the city water manager to the fire fighters.

4. The body count was froze at 115.

5. The morgue is 100% full.

6. Local morticians ran out of body bags during the first week.

7. The city REFUSES to give even an estimate on how many children may be missing or killed; same with adults and families.

8. The locals estimate that the schools have 3000 kids registered, but only 3 or 400 showed up. Which leaves 2600 children unaccounted for.

9. There are 15 school buses missing and unaccounted for. There’s no debris or burnt out wrecks. They’re just magically GONE. Like the children the city seems so unconcerned about.

10. It took 6 days for FEMA to show up, and when they did the first thing they did was confiscate food and water that was being given out to survivors because “it was not FEMA approved.” Since then, locals report getting sick from drinking the water FEMA is giving them. You can’t make this stuff up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11. There are some video testimony of locals (they appear to be medical personnel) who helped in searching for survivors. They say they’re finding entire families burnt alive in cars trapped trying to escape. They also say they’re finding bodies of children alone in homes. YET … we hear NONE of this from the city officials.

12. The police chief is ALSO the medical examiner. Conflict of interest? You bet it is.

The million dollar question the media has NOT asked the mayor or police chief is this: HOW many peopled DIED as a direct result of all the city exit streets being blocked?

At this point, the ONLY WAY people are going to get justice is to SUE the city and the city officials.

SUE BIG and use the money to help the locals rebuild what has been lost.

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