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Reddit: Tool Of the Establishment

Funny, I don’t know anyone that would spend this much effort to respond to my fairly benign one liner….so I suspect it must be a paid propagandist, trying to throw as much shit against the wall as possible, while ignoring everything else.

My comment: There are many purposes to these “wild fires”, and a land grab is one of them.

Their response, with no line breaks noted. Notice he creates the phrase jewish space lasers, and lays down anti-semitism.

I’ll send back the link to my picture of the burnt car 2 miles out of Lahaina, with patchy, let me call it scrub grass.


These wildfires are a terrible tragedy. A wildfire disaster that was most likely ignited by downed power lines, drought conditions, low humidity, hurricane -force winds between 80-100 mph compounded by invasive grasses. Of all of the invasive plants now thriving on the islands, the U.S. Department of Agriculture points to 18 specifically that contribute to Hawaii’s wildfire risk, including buffel grass, molasses grass, and especially guinea grass. These invasive grasses and brush dry out early in the season and don’t easily decompose, leave behind fuel to feed a fire and these grasses cover 25% of the island. Many factors contributed to wildfire, poor brush fire prevention management (controlled burns and other preventative techniques) used to prevent widespread fast moving brush fires. And the collapse of the 100 yr old water system, the hydrants were dry because they were fed by creek and well both water sources negative impacted by a drought since May. The town and Fire Department had broken new ground for a new well 2 months prior to the fire but all the work piping all the hydrants to the new water sources takes time and unfortunately this wildfire happened before they could finish the work. And then there were problems with the emergency notification because cell towers went down due to the fire, this probably added to the lack of coordination for evacuations. I am not sure if radio communication antenna were impacted but I’m sure that will be reviewed in the after action report. During 9/11 in NYC radio antenna were on top of the towers which negatively impacted emergency communications and resulted in the deaths of many first responders. All these factors caused this wildfire to spread and impacted the emergency response, helicopters and planes couldn’t fly cuz the wind, so this wildfire burned extremely hot and rapidly spread throughout Lahaina. And because the age of many of the buildings (historical buildings) were built from wood and built with materials that would be considered subpar today because of a poor fire rating. Newer construction materials used in modern buildings have a higher fire rating and can withstand higher temperatures without igniting as easily as older wood structures. All these things created a perfect storm for this fire to spread but one thing is certain it was not an intentional act, and had nothing to do with Laser Weapons. It is a terrible tragedy, a horrific wildfire disaster not some conspiracy. Misinformation creates distrust and paranoia, it may discourage people from applying for disaster assistance, assistance they need to survive, keep their land and rebuild. These nonsense conspiracies happened after the California wildfires too, Jewish Space Lasers, which is a dog whistle for anti-Semitism. It only gets in the way and can cause paranoia, hatred and distrust none of which helps with the trauma and PTSD the survivors have experienced and it doesn’t help with the disaster recovery operations that need to happen in order to rebuild. Sending much love and prayers to the people of Maui.

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I see, I haven’t spent much time there, but web searches often point to there….they may be more just “normies” rather than trolls or evil. I have a friend who is non evil, and gets about 75% of reality, but then things like space lasers, or 911 or just not a concept that he can accept. He also thinks that I get about 75% of stuff in agreement, but its that last 25% that is outside the Overton Window.

Sane with WUWT climate website. They are so advanced and yet promoters of nuclear energy when it is clear that nuclear in the hands of man is just too dangerous.


” During 9/11 in NYC radio antenna were on top of the towers which negatively impacted emergency communications and resulted in the deaths of many first responders. ”

No. The useless fire dept. Motorola radios failed. Giuliani got them with a no-bid contract. Police issued warnings that were not heard in second tower about to fall.

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