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Maui Police Chief, and The China Connection

The Police chief John Pelletier of Maui, presiding over the greatest loss of life due to fire, is the same guy who presided over the greatest loss of life due to gunfire in Las Vegas.

In order to to be Chief of Maui, County laws had to be changed to allow a non-resident to become chief. Months after he became chief, his secretary (32 year veteran of the police force) died supposedly in a car accident in which the story is that she was pursuing someone who snatched her purse (at 6:30 AM) and was putting other lives at risk in a high speed chase, for a purse. Hmmmm if those are not all #FaF then I dont know what to say



Actually, the China group was being extorted for just too much from the local officials trying to get a piece of their 1.5B planned investment. Odd timing with the Lahaina fires of which part of the story is a land grab, and 3 weeks prior a State level proclamation that during any emergency they can throw out all the laws, including those related to historical properties (much of the properties in Lahaina, the former capital of Hawaii, are historic)

When thing happen temporally, it is lazy or stupid to not consider a link or both being caused by some separate third factor.

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