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Simple Question: What Has Israel EVER done FOR the USA?

I am sure to receive at least 100 pieces of evidence. stock out

Does it make sense to have just 1 needle and not two?

“Every time someone visits from abroad, I show them this arrowhead,” Netanyahu says in the video, gesturing to a display case in his office featuring a replica of a Roman arrowhead from Yodfat, which he explains is the first Galilee fortress to fall to the Romans. “I tell them, that’s the Romans, they’re not here anymore.” He presents, in the same display, a model of the Israeli Arrow anti-ballistic missile.


Come and See from 1985


————— Some reader from Zerohedge chimed in…..

Simple Question: What Has Israel EVER done FOR the USA?

Please chime in

7 hours ago

Bled it dry? đŸ¤”

6 hours ago

Gargle lye you gutless troll maggot.

5 hours ago (Edited)

Sabotaged our welfare through duel citizens being treated as US citizens.  Every THINK Tank, CFR, throughout the Pentagon, Intelligence agencies (17 at last count), CONgress in spirit if not blatantly, No Funding EVER DENIED, State Welfare Funding Bill EVERY SINGLE YEAR.


31 minutes ago (Edited)

Open borders, Hollywood filth, the Rosenbergs, Pollard, two world wars, media monopoly, corrupt prosecutors, multiculturalism, anti-white politics.

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