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LinkedIn and the Normies

stock here: Interesting discussion on Linkedin, RE the Jabs. Many remain true believers, and continue to viciously attack the “anti-vaxxers”

The decade of previous research (actually 2 decades) after SARS 1, and notably not in the heat of battle, but in a calm and well financed research, they tried to find a vaccine for about a decade and then gave up….in their last efforts the injection they came up with killed all the ferrets, and 20% of the Monkeys. That’s why I was convinced there would never be a vaccine for SARs-2 aka COVID. That’s why I was extremely suspicious when they announced that a vaccine had been created. Ask yourself now….why has all cause death gone up dramatically in the countries that are “well vaccinated”. Why has this injection caused more deaths than all of the other vaccines combined in the last 30 years. But if you want a credentialed view, try Dr John Campbell, who was an avid proponent of the Injections until the data showed what was really going on. Now he says, follow the evidence wherever it may lead……

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