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The Injections Have Reached the Stage of my “Overton Epiphany”

stock here, I coin things, LOL.

The “Overton Epiphany” is when 60% of the population no longer believe the lies of a propaganda mass hypnosis. That doesn’t mean that all of them know the true story, it’s just that they no longer accept the mainstream bullshit.

The low up-take of the latest “Booster” Injection is a clear sign that everyone knows the Injections don’t work. A smaller percentage realize that the injections are dangerous, and a smaller percentage totally Grok that they are evil experiment in societal control, and slow de-pop by excess deaths and by reduction in fertility. I called all those in July of 2021, and was immediately and viciously attacked, banned, shadow banned, etc. I knew I was over the target.

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