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Is The Israel “Event” A Method of Turning the Violent Woke Against the Jews

stock here: I wrote this on November 7. The purpose of this event has remained elusive. Part of the never ending distractions and poly-crisis.

The duly noted many US Universities have large protests against the slaughter of Palestinians, trapped in the killing grounds.

Another observation, the supposedly hundreds killed at the “Rave” event, were the most radical Hippies of Israel. So as a target, Israel pushing their arm of Hamas to attack this Rave has multiple “benefits”, i.e. get rid of a hated portion of culture.

Also noted is the tunnels. Heard that claim today that ALL of the missiles are manufactured in the tunnels. That seems highly doubtful.

But this is maybe the most curious. Did “the Jews” storm a Mosque that they are not ever supposed to go to, during a Holy Week.


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