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Substack, It’s Not Just Liberals Lying to US

stock here, I thought this was a great comment, succinct enough that you need knowledge to understand much of it.

scoutNov 18RFK’s in error about censoring, as our problem of government censorship of truth of not new. Old timer Seldes pointed out in the late 30’s about suppression of truth in his book, Facts and Fascism. Wilson lied at the same level as Pedo of the White Crack House,

Rigged into Office as a Citizen of Vatican City, Knight of Malta sworn, ally of CCP Xi, and so on. Wilson set up WWI while lying to Americans to keep us out. Wilson set up Lenin with funds and security to take down our ally, Russia; Wilson set up the NWO League of Nations;

Wilson set up the Federal Reserve to take down our USA with huge debt and no American political controls, much much more. Teddy, earlier, same with his USS Maine NWO set up. RFK’s correct on the point of EUA, Redfield, Collins, Tony and Birx, are all complicit, in that order, for domestic terrorist crimes.

Note Collins went to Pedo and Birx went to Pfizer, Redfield ran and Tony played the typical criminal on a stage. DoD Milley, traitor that worked for Xi, set up the entire bioweapon attack upon Americans; all of the bureaucrat deep state stood firmly as fellow domestic terrorists same as CFR controlled fake news, Vatican controlled fake Hollywood, all RINOS right in the lie mode:

look at 9/11 Bush and Cheney MKULTRA Haliburton weapons-of-mass-destruction Iraq and fake Osama hiding in Afghanistan in a cave bringing down NYC and tunneling a hole in the Pentagon.

The ONLY truth we ever had in our USA was our Trump, Ike’s speech linking corps/military and our JFI’s speech about Bilderbergs and Jesuits.

Much more.First thing we have to do, tomorrow, is have the government take down the Federal Reserve, appropriate all employees, including Powell and Janet, place all Central banker admin on notice of imminent arrest and not to leave the USA, secure all gold place back in Knox, and all US debt goes to the Bilderberg Cartel factions.

Do same with all oil, mineral, pharma, food, tech, cartels. All on arrest notice, do NOT GO ANYWHERE. Trump must be drafted by the REAL American Pentagon, place back into his job as President, as we have enough evidence of a complete rigged election via DoD digital hacking, Nunes Hillary, Comey, Mueller, Barr and much more, but above is enough for now.

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