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Fox News Is Inside the Overton Window, Whilst the Overton Epiphany Rolls Over USA

stock here: seen this comment on Fox news. Did you note that CNN, ABC, NBC no longer allow comments on any of their articles? Why is that?



2 hours ago

I appreciate your comments and all, but can you point me to the area of the website where News articles are presented and we comment on the reality of misinformation being presented and we have open and free exchange of our ideas and opinions?

Oh, they’ve chosen not to write or provide conversation opportunity on those topics. I wonder why? Do you think they could be censoring information away from us? Did they do it willingly or by orders? Is the First Amendment still valid? Is there somewhere I can go to get what this place won’t provide?

Look at all the trolls lambasting your very valid comment. Fox is stuck inside the Overton Window. I have coined the Overton Epiphany…..that’s when 60% of everyone, no matter how woke or dense, realizes that a program we have been sold is complete bullsheet. When the masses realize that we have been lied to, intimidated, threatened and then injected to a wide variety of poisons that can have immediate adverse reactions, but also destroy the immune system and instill microclots that can real negative effects even far down the road….like during an athletic competition in which the Adrenalin flows and blood pressure goes up and the micro clots worsen the pressure and you have rupture of the blood vessel. Capite?

also seen…..


2 hours ago

Q: What’s the best part about being a conspiracy theorist? A: Not having blood clots or myocarditis

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