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Pick One: Vibrant Health – and Cultural Miasma Surfeit

I sometime get some serious good feedback. And here is one submitted by Oldster. Miasma = Bad Air, a prior simplistic view that all disease was caused by Bad Air. Surfeit is a noun or verb meaning “too much of” or as verb to indulge in too much of.

Some of it we cannot avoid, but some of it can be mitigated.


There is a catastrophic conjunction between an extremely multifaceted undermining of that previously commonplace state of human being – vibrant health – and cultural miasma surfeit.

So I think that your title here points in the right direction, but you being someone who has delved more than most into the ‘abundance’ of artificial radioactivity that humanity generally, and some people much more particularly, have been exposed to over the post WW2 period, I expect that you would consider that would be an additional negative ‘input’ into the body.

We could go on and on in that vein, but the point is we humans have been inundated for the last generations with a vast number of new ‘insults’ – let’s summarize them as hostile to vibrant health.

Then when you add in say the impact of being ‘programmed’ for years when young by television programs that depict lives that are almost never accurately representative of the real, the result is a journey in life in a whole new world: a diminished or injured nervous and physical and reproductive system engaging a media-modulated disorienting fiction posing as real.

Then one becomes surrounded by contemporaries who though not on a tv screen are playing out the part of some one within the ;matrix’.

I find your topic particularly interesting because I have been trying to fathom the appearance very recently of manifestations of group cold-blooded killer capacity – like murder for money in hospitals, via Remdesiver et al. deadly lucrative protocols – in places where one might least expect them.

So perhaps another way of saying this is that we are in a cultural context in which the development of conscience and thus potentially ‘people of good character’ requires more attention than it is being given.

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