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Inflation Of the Money Supply, Can Keep Going, When The Money Created Is Blown Up in Wars and Arson-ed Asset

stock here: First epiphany of the year. Crush people through inflation, but then keep the inflation going even though people aren’t spending, aren’t chasing assets. Feed the created money into the Military Industrial complex and then literally blow up that money, then create more. The tax-payer is still on the hook, as the remaining money (not blown up) is siphoned off to the private bankers of the “Federal Reserve” to pay for the debt.

Sounds like this lead to complete collapse. Lehman 2008 was allowed to happen, in order to write up new rules where “bail ins” can happen instantly, and without any oversight or approval. I am thinking that beside Gold and Silver, that having some assets in foreign countries could be a real good move.

There is a book and a video, called The Great Taking, by David Webb. I have not read it yet, but it seems the key point is that the “Protected Class” the super elite, plan on more than just killing or maiming many (the injections), and preventing most from having children (fertility) but also just take all your assets, anything attached to the “system” through an evil system of legislation, similar to how the FDA and CDC was effectively captured by the profit mongers and ill-health sustainers of Big Med in all it’s forms.

The funneling of poof “created money” into assets that are then literally blown up, is my own epiphany. If we could have just one more war….Taiwan…..we shall see.


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