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(2) Republicans Have “Willingly Just Left” Congress. Have They Been Honeypotted?

stock here: It’s odd as hell that with the balance of the USA on the line, and having some control to at least thrawt the bastard’s plan to further wreck the USA, that these Repub would just leave. Methinks the left sent some classy looking ladies to “accidently” meet them at one of their many dinners or events. This is called the honey pot. I bet it happened. It also may be true that they were manipulated in some other way for a different crime or something very unsightly.

It occurred to me that when the somewhat casual observer notes that the top level of the Federal Government are controlled by Zionists, and the USA “vaccine” program was 90% run and controlled by Zionists, that we should point right at the Zionists. But certainly those in Congress know as well as you or I do, of these Zionists who have so wrecked the USA in just years after they seized control of the “Power”. So we know that calling out the Zionists is Taboo, outside the Inner Overton Window, in which you are not just shunned, you are viciously attacked for real damage.

And why do they also parse the move into the White House as a “transition of POWER”? Why is it not the transition of responsible governance and a new group looking out for the citizens of the USA? Because that is the world they live in, Power and Control.

And watch the pearl necklaces, even the double pearl necklaces. Watch who wears them. Like the many symbols and numbers of the Baphomet followers, who advertise their plans openly, as in the “you knew I was a snake, so it is your fault that I bit you. Like them, the women that wear the pearl necklaces are advertising like a hooker on a corner, saying that if you give me power and support, you can then otherwise do anything that you want to me. “She wore a pearl necklace”. Cum shot across the neck.

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