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17 Million Killed by the mRNA Injection (aka COVID Vaccine)

Submitted by Lot’s Wife, surveying the damage from Alaska

Tucker Carlson’s interview drew this factoid from Bret Weinstein’s tedious download. Yes, he reports that current research shows 17 million people worldwide have died from the safe and effective Covid injections. The numbers are even higher for the severely disabled. Look at Edward Dowd’s book “Cause Unknown” and videos.

(Side note: compare Weinstein’s pallor to Carlson’s ruddy complexion. Speculate; they are both 54. Tucker has said he takes a sauna every day. It shows.)


Here’s the source of Weinstein’s claim of 17 million dead. Denis Rancourt lead the team that analyzed the data.

Followup with independent research. (Remember, the NYTimes says independent research is like picking your nose, “don’t do it.”) Share where necessary.

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