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Neo-Liberals of Little Information are Convinced They Know Everything

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I insist: from now on the word Liberal cannot be used alone. It must be Classical Liberal, or Neo-Liberal. And the Neo-Liberals have adopted (been manipulated into) a Leftist Agenda that is against everything good.

In an online exchange, a poorly informed gun “regulator”, is also poorly informed on the Ukrainian events.

Monster putin could end the war today. By leaving the country he invaded. Russian propaganda doesnt work on the majority of us here. The majority don’t watch the propaganda network that calls itself news.


Annie Annie, please educate yourself on the real world, “We” meaning the people that are controlling the government of the USA, instigated Russia into invasion by stating that we would let Ukraine into NATO, and we directly said that we would put nuclear arm on the border with Russia. Moscow is just minutes away by nuclear laden missile and at that range no missile defense system would be effective.

This is exactly analogous to the Cuban Missile crisis in which Russia was planning on putting nuclear missiles into Cuba at which point the USA went into full tilt attack because it would be an existential threat to the USA power structures.

Putin is defending his capitol city and the country at large. Russia’s total military budget is 68 Billion a year, but somehow the USA and EU countries have given Ukraine, untracked, around $300B and they continue to be canon fodder. Where is that money really going to?

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