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It Now Seems That Many of the Truthers Who Exposed The Scamdemic and Dangers of mRNA are Now Attacking Each Other

Poor form folks. Many of these people are financially involved in the mRNA Exposure, or selling other products. Only Steve Kirsch seems to continuously try to give his money away, by saying just come debate me and I will give $1M to charity. He is an unusual bird, but deep respects.

Kirsch substack is here, signup, he has 235,000 followers.


There is more infighting going on, I’ll add later, but I need to do paying work.

Naomi Wolf is being attacked by Malone and some moron idiot called Simon Goddek, what the hell is an aquaponics expert? This Simon is a piece of shit as is Malone for this frontal attack on Wolf; why?

Here is a new substack, no time to really vet it. She seems to want to discredit many people who have done good things. SageHana


I am kind of agreeing with her on Dr, Brett Weinstein, a neo-liberal Jew. He does a podcast with his Dr. wife. Everyone with a brain new that “virus gonna virus”, my phrase in Jan 2020, was “this thing is going to run it’s course”.

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