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Thoughts on the Maui Massacre

stock here, I thought this Sage Beast was controlled opposition, maybe not. I thought it was a she, I am not sure. See what she has to say about Maui


Buckminister continues.

Like I said previously this attack was done out in the open in order to terrify us – the message being we can do something so incomprehensibly horrible – and do it right in front of everyone- and no one will say a fucking word. Everyone who speaks is owned, they want us to see that too.

I suspect the crime includes compromised individuals who are presenting themselves as survivors who were either bought into protection to shill a particular version of the story or literal imposters who never set foot in Lahaina who are part of the op to cover the story and misdirect. I strongly suspect based on the basic info available to anyone looking that the death toll is MUCH higher, they have no problem burning children alive alone in their homes why would we not realize they would of course have zero problem completely erasing the evidence that people even existed.

Closing thoughts from moi:

They are not going to stop.

In 1969, “everything is in place and nothing can stop us now.”

What happened in 2020 was so long planned and so audacious and so massive in scope that there is no way no how that it was a Dolts Botching Shit one off and we’ll do better moving forwards.

The Rockefellers All the Way Down seem to be moving briskly now.

A timetable to keep.

They are using all of your Gleaming Heroes and will humiliate them one at a time.

They are creating Nazi Brownshirts out of Hawaii cops.

Dear Hawaiian Cops…you know what is up. You have to know.

These are your people.

These are your very own people.

Just like the patients slotted for murder via sterile sounding “Hospital Protocols”, yes?

This one ain’t that sterile.

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