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Back to 2020, March 9, Trump Totally Against any Lockdown

What did they do to Donald Trump to get him to go from “this” to locking down 6 days later, after 3-11-2020 (WHO announces global pandemic), 3-13-2020 (Gates announces divorce and Weinstein is sentenced). Those are 2 major evil dates.

What exactly did they do?

Comment seen on net:

Who fn cares about the Trump lockdowns at this point??!! OMG!!!

The DOD/CIA did this to us as per several articles from many like The Breggins, Jim Haslam, etc. They have all lied to us and continue to do so.


They lied to Trump to get rid of him. They do not want him back. Why are we continuing to blame Trump when he finally got red pilled and more data at the beginning of 2023? That’s the same timeline for many people as the internet censorship slowed down. His Newsweek article last year explained a lot of it and has since made a video not to fall for the Covid scam again.

The last thing Trump would want was a shutdown to ruin his bustling economy. It would ruin his chances in 2020. They scammed us all!!! The original plan was Emergency Use only for the vulnerable. Trump is then gone. Biden came in and mandated it while continuing to hide data with censorship and media manipulation. That’s how evil these people are.

The lies were so bad that I initially believed in the early shutdowns too. At this point who cares about the early Trump shutdowns!!!!! The real evil happened after he left!!!! They mandated jabs while lying about the data!!! It still continues in many areas!!!

The real decision makers are in the DOD/CIA that pulled off a world psy op!!! Focus on this to help get justice and oust them from power!!!!!

There is turbo cancer, suicides, myocarditis, frame-shifting, etc from Biden mandates!!!! Who gives a crap about Trump lockdowns at this point!!!! Stop getting distracted from Sage Trump hating articles!!!

Think about it… why does Sage rarely bash Biden admin and the DOD/CIA??!!! The articles are superficial and provide no deep dives into the nuts and bolts.

Perhaps the 2014 US led coup in Ukraine which installed Z was planned from the get go to be the laundering place for the leftists infiltrating the US gov. Now they still use it for the same….$200B going there unaccounted, and then via brokerages, buying of US stocks abroad, and then by transfers in kind to the leftist organizations in the USA. Sweet deal if you don’t get caught for wire fraud and treason.

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