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John Beaty, a WW2 and More Historical Figure

stock here, a new source, with some lengthy comments. Here is one of them. Do with it as you may, skepticism is always welcome and proper.


Thank you, Ron, for another battering ram of truth against the iron curtain of totalitarianism. Surveying the current discussion of totalitarianism in America, I’m heartened by steady (though gradual) progress.

For example, the Southern border problem is exploding in the public’s awareness. It’s rivaling the economy as a top priority. And the revelations are going to reveal much more than just the border problem.

Twenty five states are supporting Texas’s moves to stop the huge flood of unvetted migrants, which are being ushered into the country by “Biden”. Despite the best efforts of oligarchy “news” outlets (e.g. the PBS “Newshour”) to withhold crucial specific facts from their audiences, the facts are spreading fast on independent news outlets.

And now people who were at the forefront in outing the truth about the COVID virus and “vaccines” are seeing similarities in propaganda and deception with the border flood. More people are connecting more dots. For example, Chris Martinson has explicitly made this connection, noting that the border flood is a multi-billion dollar business, being implemented by a huge, well-organized machine, which includes components of the Federal government (and the UN and NGOs).

Notably, the deception and propaganda at the PBS “Newshour” also hid, and is still hiding crucial facts about the COVID virus and the mRNA “vaccines”. And it also hid, and is still hiding crucial facts about the US attack on Russia through Ukraine. And it also continues to hid crucial facts about Israel’s 75 year campaign of ethnic cleansing in Palestine, with its terrorism, mass murders, and property thefts from the very beginning of the Zionist project of “Israel”.

So who is the financial goliath who can afford to control the PBS “Newshour”, the Congress, and the President? America’s chief foreign affairs officer is Antony Blinken, who declared he supports Israel in part because he is “a Jew”. Under his direction the US is supporting Israel’s glaring genocide against the people Gaza, and is steadfastly LYING to the American people about that genocide.

Under Blinken’s direction the government (along with the corporate media) has also lied to the American people about the US attack on Russia through Ukraine, while laundering over $100 billion of unaccountable money through the most corrupt country in Europe.

Among other fun facts about Antony Blinken, when Hunter Biden’s incriminating laptop first surfaced, Blinken arranged for a letter signed by 51 members of the intelligence community declaring that the laptop was Russian disinformation. There was NO evidence for that claim. It was a LIE to prevent legitimate evidence of Biden’s corruption from surfacing just before the 2020 election. In other words, it was fraudulent election meddling. Since Biden is clearly a puppet, we may reasonably ask – Who is Biden’s puppet master? Who would want Antony Blinken to run America’s foreign affairs?

Antony Blinken is the step-son of a good friend of Robert Maxwell, known to have been a Mossad spy, and the father of Ghislaine Maxwell, who was the hands-on manager of Jeffrey Epstein’s Mossad blackmail operation. So through family connections, Blinken is just three degrees of separation from a major Mossad spy ring.

Here’s an account of how a financial Deep State could acquire monopoly-enabled coordinated control over the US, the UK, and by extension the Five Eyes and the EU.
War Profiteers and Israel’s Bank

So now Texas and 51 states are in open rebellion against the Deep State which is controlling the Biden administration. German citizens are in open revolt against their Deep State government, and by extension the EU Deep State. Trump’s top campaign pledge in New Hampshire was “We will demolish the Deep State”.

Meanwhile, Deep State media such as the PBS “Newshour” continue to push the Deep State’s cover stories, especially covering all traces of the Deep State itself, including Trump’s promise to “demolish the Deep State”. And as they deceive their audiences, betraying journalism and the 1st Amendment, their lies and treachery are becoming more visible, and they are sinking (according to the polls) further & further into irrelevance.

My thanks again to Ron for his valuable collection of books (including the highly informative The Iron Curtain Over America), his American Pravda articles, and for this website generally, with its invaluable contributions to freedom of inquiry and analysis

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