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As The Thousands of Earth Satellites Create a Faraday Cage Over Earth, Disrupting the Magnetic Shield, They Are Going to Outlaw Your Garden To Save The Planet

stock here: We have been talking about EMF radiation, EMP Explosion as an act of war, and CME as the Sun rockets into peak 25 cycle…..this new theory. They fail to call it a Faraday Cage. I made that up.

As Farmers over the world protest with tractors clogging up cities,

Globalists Will Use Carbon Controls To Stop You From Growing Your Own Food

Whitmer used covid as an opportunity to institute some bizarre limitations on the public, including a mandate barring larger stores from selling seeds and garden supplies to customers.

“If you’re not buying food or medicine or other essential items, you should not be going to the store,” Whitmer said when announcing her order.

The leftist governor was fine with purchases of lottery tickets and liquor, but not gardening tools and seeds.

She never gave a logical reason why she targeted garden supplies, but most people in the preparedness community understood very well what this was all about: This was a beta-test for wider restrictions on food independence.


Extrapolating into the future, Solter worries that satellite debris could weaken Earth’s magnetic field–the same magnetic field that protects us from cosmic rays and solar storms.

“It’s a textbook undergraduate physics problem,” she explains. “Suppose you put a conductive shell (satellite debris) around a spherical magnet (Earth). Outside the shell, the magnetic field goes to zero due to shielding effects. This is a highly simplified comparison, of course, but we might actually be doing this to our planet.”  

Solter’s preliminary study appears to show that the space industry is indeed perturbing the environment.  “It is very concerning,” she concludes. “We absolutely cannot dump endless amounts of conductive dust into the magnetosphere and not expect some kind of impact. Multidisciplinary studies of this pollution are urgently needed.”

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