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Dearborn Michigan, Jihad Capital of USA

Lot’s Wife submitted his rhetoric from Alaska, he can sure twist the truth into a gorgeous Gordian Knot of Red Pill

It was all set in motion by Obama. The present situation is the culmination of his (donors’) efforts to divide America. He was a Manchurian candidate. No one rises through the clutter as he did unless anointed by the CIA. That the media was agog tells all. Everyone who voted for the fuck failed the friend-or-foe test. He and big Mike’s inverse morality twisted America into a knot.

And a round of silence issues from writers who were formerly motivated to put out fires or start them. Silence. The forest of stalwarts is empty. Are they shell-shocked by died suddenly and unexpectedly? To suggest it’s Kafkaesque (surreal distortions and a sense of impending disaster) fails to describe a culture founded on achievement that is now populated by sleep-walkers.


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