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MSO Orchestra, Woke As All Get Go: DEI Is The Most Important

Wait: if DEI is important shouldn’t there maybe be just 1 white male in the offerings? 2 black men, 1 black woman, and one dark asian male. Just saying, it just looks woke to me.

In reality it would be good if the blacks got into a more polished lifestyle. There is a push by Big Media to show blacks as polished, and I don’t think that can result in much bad, just that it doesn’t match a preponderance of reality. Like the “polished” Karine Jean-Pierre, elevated to power and forced to demean herself, and lie to the people they are supposed to be working for. Pretty much extreme lies everyday. “We will give you power and privilege, but you need to lick our boots, and embarrass yourself in front of the country.” The left has never been about advancing any race, any demeaning method to achieve their authoritarian agendas.

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