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Tucker Putin Interview

It was not as explosive as I thought it could be.

I thought Tucker was not as prepared as he could have been, I honestly think I could have done a better job.

Tucker went back to the super squinty look, which always made him hateable to the left, making me think he was fairly controlled opposition.

You want to interview someone and push the conversation forward…then why would you make them unconfortable by a continuous super squint?

I have my draft typed notes below the video, poor format, no time to work on tonight. YouTube Meet Kevin, somehow got the video feed in near real time, and he interjected with his own extensive knowledge of the history and politics. I have 10 pages of hand notes and will try to incorporate them into some kind of summary.

I think Putin missed a great opportunity in not bringing up, that US news literally reported that USA intended on putting nuclear arms right on the Ukraine border with Russia, and that was exactly analogous to the Cuban missile crisis in which the USA went bat shit crazy and rightfully so. He did not give the average American slob the existential reason why they could not allow that, no matter what….because Moscow in in the far west of Russia, very close to Ukraine, and in my opinion, they would not be able to shoot down missiles launched at that distance. = Existential Threat = Unacceptable in any manner

NPR: Reacted precisely as expected. They are fully leftist.



Vision of russia as unity.

Finally be able to

1991 Ukraine bestowed to other parts of world

The system of America wants to keep Russia as enemy

Had to go develop hyper-sonic missiles

USA support Russia separatist, came Georgia a membership action plan to join NATO.

Yanavotich 2010 to 2014, considering open borders with EU, free flow of goods and hurt our economy. Yanakovich, decided to back Russia, and got instant Coup.

Putin blames CIA, and takes shot at Tucker attempt to join CIA

Republic of Crimea, was formed and Russia annexed Crimea. Strategically important land and harbors.

Arpil 12 2014, 14,000 killed, asking for decades, keep weapons out of ukraine, Minsk agreement.

Ukraine claims that Russia is the one not implementing the Minsk plan. Putin we were ready to implement it…so they really didn’t implement it, but who obligation was it to make the first moves?

Polish 94% don’t support Russia, Pole.

Putin, have to complete the de-nazi of Ukraine, we pulled out of Kiev as a way to expand the negotiation

hitler and nazi in ukraine, Z is jewish, there are statues and monuments of those tied to Hitler

98 year old former Nazi, gave speech in Canada with Z and Trudeau and the Nazi got 9-22-23, and got standing ovation.

Putin, hasn’t spoken to Biden….whats there to work out? Stop supplying weapons then it will be over in a few weeks. But what about the de-nazification.

NATO trying to paint picture we will use nukes, we would only attack Poland if they attack us. West extracts from taxpayers by warmongering. Putin slam on America….national debt, issue at border, have you nothing better to do.

Nordstream pipeline, you did, who is capable and interested. USA

Another Nordstream that can be used, Pipe B of N2 is usaeble

USA using dollar as a weapon, weakining it

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