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Ukraine As a Money Laundering Tool

Economy is going to hell in a hand basket, but stocks are rocketing to new highs, hmmmm…

Perhaps the 2014 US led coup in Ukraine which installed Z was planned from the get go to be the laundering place for the leftists infiltrating the US gov. Now they still use it for the sameā€¦.$200B going there unaccounted, and then via brokerages, buying of US stocks abroad, and then by transfers in kind to the leftist organizations in the USA. Sweet deal if you don’t get caught for wire fraud and treason.

Russia’s entire military budget is $68B annual, so do you think $80B (of the $200B given to Ukraine with no accounting) has been laundered back to the USA leftist organizations, even filling the Hungarian Soros brokerage accounts, so they can fund the “religious” non-profit NGOs that are funded the “migrant” invasion of USA. Many of these invaders are 15 to 17 YO males….So does that mean the “civil war” in the USA is programmed to be 2 to 4 years from now?

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