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They Are Lying About Fusion, Pretending More Out Than Went In

This is the same organization lying about Fluoride.


        • “the system released 3.1 MegaJoules of fusion yield. Given that the laser pulse required 2.05 MegaJoules, the system produced more than 150 percent of the energy needed to start it.”

          There’s still a long, long way to go. The lab equipment needed to run the experiment used about 100 times the energy than was produced. That 2.05 mJ for the laser is only a very small part of the total energy that was needed.

          2 orders of magnitude away from true breakeven, with no reason to believe the latter will be economically/practically breakeven; and after that, if it will be viably competitive with alternative energy production.

        • Source for that “100 times”?


          “Although the energy that NIF produced within the capsule exceeded the laser energy aimed at it, the amount falls well short of the energy it took to fire the lasers, which draw about 300 MJ of energy from the grid for every shot.”

          Thank you.

        • “While the fusion energy reported lies well below the 300–500 MJ of electrical energy required to operate the system’s lasers…”

          Nuclear-Fusion Reaction Beats Breakeven

          Shinsuke Fujioka

          Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan

          February 5, 2024• Physics 17, 14

          –APS Physics

          Thank you.

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