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The Nova Music Festival, It Now Looks 95% Scripted

stock here: I still don’t know what to make of the events, but this one stinks. It seems that Hamas did take hostages (or was that the MOSSAD that took the hostages?) But if that was the case, why did Hamas not make a public statement.

It all stinks to high heaven! I was able to find the failed site by inspection of the html, its 153news.com and it looks like “Non Controlled Opposition, coining herein NCO

All links to 153news.com failed, looks like interesting site, they are still covering the Lahaina Conflagration.


Pathetic Israeli Crisis Actors Cant Keep a Straight Face While Lying


2 replies on “The Nova Music Festival, It Now Looks 95% Scripted”

Rense posts sources saying that they have Israeli tankers admitting they were ordered to fire indiscriminately into kibbutz and known Jewish enclaves. The “woke” anti-Netanyahoo crowd
Was at the festival, etc. so perfect opportunity to pull a 9:11 ,to justify the
Gaza attacks, etc.

Other sources show that Netenyahu and Hamas have a long relationship, some speculate that sections of Hamas operate under the direction of Israeli government / MOSSAD. Weird that my html for the 2 videos both didnt show up, I also copied a link to 1 video and that didn’t show up. Now I think I lost the source, but maybe I can inspect the failed html. Gearing up for trip to Hawaii, much to get done here.

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