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Peter Kory – One of Our Few Heroes, and Bob Edwards of NPR

Submitted by Lot’s Wife, surveying the Debacle from Alaska

Kory is a stalwart truth-teller. He deserves your attention. In that he openly shares his knowledge, he becomes a target of the black hats. Hold him in your hearts.





Almost certainly the vaxx killed Edwards. Kidney damage is a major feature of the jab’s side effects. They want us dead.

I missed the trauma over his dismissal in 2004 because I had already abandoned mainstream news. However, in the early years, while cutting mats and building picture frames, I was an avid listener. His voice set off vibrations that lead to craving more. I did not now he was a heavy smoker, though his voice was a clue. 

—————————————————————- ChatGDP doesn’t even like the idea that I said he was sacked….it just means fired, although often with nefarious intent.

Bob Edwards, the longtime host of “Morning Edition” on NPR, was not sacked in 2004. Rather, he was removed from the show, a decision that sparked significant controversy and protests from his fans. The decision to replace Edwards with a new host, Steve Inskeep, was made by NPR management. While it’s challenging to pinpoint the exact reasons behind this decision, here are a few factors that might have played a role:

  1. Desire for Change: NPR management may have wanted to bring a fresh perspective and new energy to the program. After more than two decades with Edwards at the helm, they might have felt the need for a change to keep the show dynamic.
  2. Demographic Appeal: There might have been a strategic decision to attract a different demographic by bringing in a new host. This could have been driven by a desire to appeal to a younger audience or reach a broader spectrum of listeners.
  3. Contractual or Personnel Issues: Behind-the-scenes issues such as contractual negotiations, personality clashes, or disagreements on the direction of the program could have played a role in the decision.
  4. Perceived Political Bias: While there’s no clear evidence that Edwards’s removal was politically motivated, changes in leadership can sometimes be interpreted through a political lens. It’s worth noting that the political landscape can influence public perception of media organizations.
  5. Listener Reaction: The strong negative reaction from Edwards’s fans, as mentioned in the article, and even statements on the Senate floor, indicates the emotional attachment and loyalty his audience had. The backlash could have contributed to NPR’s reputation management considerations.

Regarding the notion that Edwards’s departure marked a shift towards a more left-leaning political stance at NPR, it’s essential to recognize that NPR’s political orientation is a subject of ongoing debate. While some critics argue that NPR has a liberal bias, others contend that it strives for balance. The decision to replace a host is generally more complex and multifaceted than a simple shift in political leanings.

stock here: NPR is fully a tool of the globalist leftists, and maybe black people have never trusted authority, and thus are leaving NPR in droves.


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