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mRNA Injections Create At Least 30 Trillion Spike Proteins over a Few Months

stock here: “It stays in the muscle”, there is no need to aspirate, safe and effective. I heard all the lies, it was fishy right from the start. But I never heard this number until today. A single injection will create 30 Trillion spike proteins.

In a severe COVID infection, you will have 1 to 100 Billion Spike Proteins, so up to 3000 times more.


At the far bottom, I have placed a flow chart of “The Bolus Theory”

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The statement that “mRNA Injections Create At Least 30 Trillion Spike Proteins over a Few Months” contains inaccuracies and misunderstandings of the way mRNA vaccines work. It’s crucial to rely on information from credible medical experts and scientific sources when evaluating such claims. Here’s what various medical experts and scientists would likely say:

  1. Exaggeration of Spike Protein Production: Medical experts would likely emphasize that the mRNA vaccines, such as those for COVID-19, do not create 30 trillion spike proteins with a single injection. The actual number of spike proteins produced is much lower and is tightly regulated by the body’s cellular machinery.
  2. Purpose of mRNA Vaccines: Medical experts would explain that the purpose of mRNA vaccines is to instruct cells to produce a limited amount of the spike protein found on the surface of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This prompts an immune response without causing the disease itself.
  3. Safe and Effective Vaccination: Medical professionals generally agree that mRNA vaccines have undergone rigorous testing in clinical trials to ensure their safety and efficacy. Any claim that suggests significant harm without strong scientific evidence would be viewed skeptically.
  4. Inflammatory Language: Experts would likely caution against the use of inflammatory language, such as “lies” and “fishy,” as it tends to contribute to misinformation and can erode public trust in vaccines and the scientific community.
  5. Clarification on Spike Protein Production: Medical experts might clarify that while spike proteins are produced after mRNA vaccination, they are not continuously generated at the claimed scale. The body’s natural processes eventually break down and eliminate the produced spike proteins.

It’s important for individuals to rely on information from reputable health organizations, scientific studies, and medical experts when seeking information about vaccines. Misinformation can contribute to vaccine hesitancy and undermine public health efforts. If there are concerns or questions about a specific claim, consulting with healthcare professionals or referring to official health guidelines is recommended.

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