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Bret Weinstein — An Interesting Classic Liberal That Can Think

Weinstein is a mix, he was one of the few liberal types that actually smelt the bullshit of the “pandemic” and then of the “vaccines”.

Some people are having fairly honest conversations about the whole program we were thrown into….but most are pulling punches, and maybe necessarily so…as too much red pill at one sitting can cause indigestion of all the facts and information.

Case in point, 85 YO welder selling off some equipment, making room in the garage so his son can move stuff in. The 85 YO helped me load a heavy metal scroll saw into my truck, LOL. The son has a Pancreatic cancer discovered in stage 4, already spreading, and basically no hope. They were setting the house up for the granddaughter who will end up with everything. I didn’t mention the Turbo cancers everywhere nor the relation to the Injections, I didn’t think it would do him any good. But others, in the medical profession, maybe should have that information foisted on them….they are part of the system, and therefore, part of the problem that still exists and maybe was made more permanent, amplified. ——————————–

I sat next to a nurse (older) on a flight. I asked her about her experience during the Covid crisis. She said that “anti-vaxxers” had made things tough. Then she stopped herself and said “of course don’t know if you might be an anti-vaxxer”

I said “I wasn’t one, but the Covid vaccine nonsense woke me up”. I told her I knew a lot of injured people from the Covid jabs, and I couldn’t believe these highly novel, barely tested shots were being given to healthy, young people who stood to gain nothing from them, and that I was shocked that they were still being recommended.

She nodded in agreement and said the mRNA vaccines had been particularly bad, indicating she was aware of many people injured and killed by them. Later in the conversation she told me that her husband had recently died of pancreatic cancer. And her son had been diagnosed with aggressive, metastatic colon cancer.

She did not appear to see a connection between the shots and the cancers. The timing of these tumors could of course, be mere coincidences, but I would have thought the question of a possible connection would be obvious.

And given the frank medical nature of our conversation, I believe she would have mentioned a suspicion if she’d had one. I find the whole encounter disorienting, suggesting a fragmented belief structure that I believe must be common amongst those getting their news from corrupted sources—the smoldering ruins of a collapsed mass formation event.

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