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AI, Clinton, Kissinger, and Fukushima

What kind of advice did Clinton get from Kissinger in 3 specific events, and also a 4th being discussion with japan after Fukushima and the USA deicsion to buy their agriculture without radioactive testing

Based on the available search results, there is limited information specifically detailing three specific events where Henry Kissinger provided advice to Hillary Clinton. However, it is known that Hillary Clinton has mentioned her connection to Kissinger and has praised his tenure at the State Department. Kissinger has also been known to offer his views and ideas to various politicians, including Clinton, as well as other secretaries of state such as Condoleezza Rice, John Kerry, and Mike Pompeo.

It is worth noting that Kissinger’s involvement and advice to political figures may vary and can be subject to interpretation. The specific details of their discussions and any advice given would likely be known only to those involved.

Regarding the discussion with Japan after the Fukushima nuclear disaster and the alleged decision to purchase radioactive food without testing, there is a claim in one of the search results that Kissinger advised Clinton on this matter. However, it is important to note that this claim is not widely supported or substantiated by multiple sources. It is advisable to consult more comprehensive and reliable sources for a complete understanding of the events and decisions related to the Fukushima disaster.

Remember, the information provided is based on available search results, and the specific details of Kissinger’s advice to Clinton in these events may require further research or consultation of primary sources.

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