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Weinstein, Stepping Away From Dark Horse, And Performing Significant Reporting

stock here: I have 2 concepts that I intend to put effort into making them go viral, 2 weeks ago, my goal was 2 weeks. So far I have failed, but there is some traction.

These concepts are definitely not commonplace at this time, but I ask you to help spread the word. We will have a better place when these concepts are widely dispersed.

  1. There is a personality type that was labelled maybe a hundred some years ago as “Liberal”, maybe beginning with John Locke even. Individual rights, limited government, rule of law, free markets, personal freedom, freedom of speech. My idea is that these people also operate quite a bit with “feelings” and care of others.
  2. I have quite some time ago dubbed this as a Classical Liberal.
  3. There is another group that leans towards a more authoritarian approach to things, perhaps even some of these people are on power trips, control of others is a main driver in their pysche. Many would agree with me that this can be called “the left”.
  4. The “Left” have used the good heartedness of the Classical Liberal, and infiltrated them with a series of little lies, that has grown into the current massive lies of the Neo-Liberal into promoting that mutilation of children, and murder of babies in the womb up to the minute before birth is the caring feeling way to go about life.
  5. OK Items 1 to 4 above need to be promoted in a way that who have been captured, can see how they are being used in ways exactly against their basic nature.
  6. Here is a summary of what we all need to stop. Stop using the term “liberal”. It must only be used as Classical Liberal, or Neo-Liberal and understood that Neo-Liberal is a transformed form which is very much like “The Left”

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