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stock here, some comments on substacks are just excellent.


Chiadrum4 hrs ago

Important facts to add to that list:Sweden had an 80% SURVIVAL rate for ICU patients in 2020. We had an 80-90% DEATH rate. Trials of early treatment protocols were deliberately designed to fail and in the case of Hydroxy, the patients were literally murdered, given toxic doses intentionally.

The Lancet had to immediately retract that garbage study, but the damage was done.

The headline went out that Hydroxy is a killer.

No one ever heard about the correction. Ivermectin trials were rigged to fail and STILL showed a mortality benefit.

Hydroxy went from over the counter in France to BANNED in January 2020, before human to human transmission was even confirmed.

Attorney Ralph Lodrigo sued a Houston hospital and won dozens of lawsuits for ICU patients who were demanding Ivermectin. Nearly all survived despite being on ventilators for weeks while the court cases were argued.

The WHO published the raging success story of Uttar Pradesh, citing preventative treatment as a huge success. They failed to mention that Ivermectin was part of that package.

And continued to force vaccination rather than suggest using Uttar Pradesh as a blueprint for the rest of the world.

The FDA lowered the already egregiously low standard of 75% mRNA purity for a large batch of Pfizer jabs to 55% so that the batch would not have to be disposed of.

Pfizer told its stockholders in January 2022 that full approval would NEVER happen due to the frequency of serious adverse events. The cherry on top is that every “containment action” that was taken was IMHO designed to completely destroy the possibility of herd immunity forever.

This was intentional and highly successful.

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