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Maui;s Top Cop Pelletier, Chief of the Vegas Debacle, Recorded in Secret in Maui

Hat Tip to miss Frill

Brush Junkie continues to knock it out of the Park. I also posted a full meeting, a year and a half before the 8/8 Lahaina Massacre. I wish to get an AI to provide the full transcript. See article above this one.

Hello to all Truth Seekers and Independent Investigators. Retired Assistant Police Chief Clyde Holokai secretly recorded his first private meeting with newly (s)elected Chief John Pelletier and Deputy Charles Hank (The Shank). In this tape, Clyde is basically being interrogated by Hank and Pelletier for rumors they heard about him from other officers. Clyde doesn’t back down though, and even tells them what he heard about them as well, putting them on notice about how if they’re crooked cops he’s “gonna be their worst enemy”.

Highlights: Pelletier: “I’m not gonna candy coat some of this. The administration is me. The administration is me, and we all march to the same drum, and if I have somebody that’s gonna go against the administration, that’s not gonna go very well for them, you know, and I don’t like the, bu11$h!+, and let’s be very clear, I know all about it.

And so, I aint havin’ it.” Clyde: “There’s no bu11$h!+, Chief. Secondly this is what I heard and I’m bringing it up, I’m not pointing the guy out but the guy in this room said it. Ok? This is what I heard, and it’s gotta stop, we are the leaders of this department.”

Hank (The Shank): “Said about you or about him?” Clyde: “About me.”

Hank (The Shank): “What did they say about you?” Clyde: “They said, that they’re gonna work with him [Pelletier] to remove me from my position. I know, I know!”

Hank (The Shank): “His [Pelletier’s] desire is to make this the model agency, not just for the islands, but for the whole country”

Hank (The Shank) to Clyde: “I’ma just keep it real. What I heard about you, What I heard about you. I heard you were comin’ for us, that you were trying to take us down.”

Clyde: “I’m glad you are, I’m sure you guys did hear that.”

Clyde: “It’s been brought up that we’ve all heard things about each other. In the spirit of love moving forward, unity, lets all agree to just judge each other on what we see right from here.

I know who you guys have been talking to people, and this is me; you work and I’ll be your best friend, you don’t work or you’re a crooked cop, I’m gonna be your worst enemy.

You look at my record, it speaks for itself. We’ve gone after, when I was a cop in the city, we put away plenty cops who was dirty, and I hated it, but I’ll do it again.”

Pelletier: “I waited till November, uh, till the final, uh uh confirmation meeting took place before I had set this up, and I know that there was a shake up. I’m not, let’s not sit here and (be like) ‘what does this mean’ and you know it’s, uh, I get it.

I do get it.” Hank: “We had this even come to us with the 3 guys comin’ to Vegas when we had coffee and this was brought up, and uh here’s what was really bothering me, cuz I was just getting on board, and as I start lookin’ at the Maui news and stuff like that,

you guys just caught this knucklehead again, you know the 2nd time with the ‘kiki uh, operation, got him again, and like so guess what, what do they keep doing?

They keep associating him with us, so the public’s perception is that he’s still with us, as though he’s with Maui PD, and he’s not with us.”

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