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FULL Secret Recording of Maui PD Commanders Meeting!

Full Meeting

Partial transcription by Brush

Hello to all Truth Seekers and Independent Investigators. An anonymous source from Maui PD has now come forward, with secret recordings of the 1st Commanders Meeting!

This meeting took place in December 2021, over a year and a half BEFORE 8/8. In this video, you’ll hear every quote from the meeting, including the following:

Terry Jones: “This isn’t who I invited.”

Terry Jones: “They’re commanders”,

Charles Hank: “Hold on, I don’t wanna talk with you. Please, I’m talkin’ to the chief.”

(Lieutenants are dismissed)

Pelletier: “The folks I excused is because I have their captains here.”

Introductions begin, including but not limited to:

Alana Pico, Information Specialist, introduces herself (To control the message) Terry Jones, Secretary to the Chief, introduces herself Ricky Uedoi,

Captain of Internal Affairs, introduces himself Captain Keola Tom introduces himself (he will replace Ricky 1 month before leaving for the FBI, and he’s currently already back at MPD)

Melissa Magonigle, Human Resources Director, introduces herself (She now has a substantiated claim against Pelletier that will eventually win in court!)

Moana Lutey, Corporation Counsel Attorney (To prevent the department from getting sued)

Sgt. Christina Bonacorsi, soon to be Chief of Staff to Pelletier, introduces herself

Charles Hank “The Shank” introduces himself (for awhile) Pelletier introduces himself, and barely mentions the “1 October” incident in Las Vegas, but does include another active shooter on his FIRST DAY as captain on the Vegas strip…

Pelletier uses the leg analogy (again)

Pelletier talks about drones

Pelletier is projecting about corruption, and mentions his model agency for the nation (again)

Pelletier’s lays out his strategic plan

Pelletier will allow Corporation Counsel attorney Moana Lutey to attend monthly command meetings, to prevent them from getting sued Pelletier’s “Filet” quote:

“So, let me make it real clear, I’m the administration, we know this” “I will not tolerate insubordination. I understand where it falls in codes of conduct and I understand how severe it can be, and anybody that is grossly insubordinate will not leave in good standing.

I will not have it, I just won’t. I will not have individuals or groups undermining the administration. That’s all I’m gonna say on it. I think everybody knows exactly what I’m saying, but please do not be the one I make the example out of first, because I will FILET the first one, and then everybody will understand very quickly what I mean.”

Pelletier talks about “controlling the message”, by assigning Alana Pico to the Deputy Chief as an “information specialist”.

All memos will go through her as the “gatekeeper”, and also talks about getting the story straight during a “CRITICAL EVENT”.

Pelletier assigns a “coach and mentor”, Sgt. Christina Bonacorsi, as his Chief of Staff via Special assignment, and gives her authority over the other commanders. (Assignments begin, and Captain Ricky Uedoi of Internal Affairs is transferred off island)

Pelletier “Ricky you’re going to Molokai” (To be replaced by Keola Tom, who is already leaving for the FBI in 1 month, when Internal Affairs will be left vacant for Deputy Hank to cover, which is about as much of a conflict of interest as the Chief also being Coroner.)

Hank: “Any questions on assignments for the chief before I start talking?” Ricky: “I disagree with my assignment” Pelletier: “I don’t care!”

Hank: “Well talk, hold on, hold on. So it was questions, not your opinion, ok?” (There’s a question about when ‘Captain Tom’ goes to the FBI, who will cover Internal Affairs?

It is explained that Deputy Hank will cover the vacant Internal Affairs position.)

Pelletier: “Ricky we’re gonna talk in my office.”

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