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Taxonomy of Woke

Its hard to get through this whole Diagram. So let me list the titles and their quick definitions. If you start with just the titles, you can start grokking it.

From this site:


I was able to get the large PDF and put in on Box, for you. You are welcome. Reads great on setup such as 32″ Quad Monitor.


Original Sin – What happened in the past to make things so terrible today

Guilty Devils — The people who made things so terrible

Myths — Creation Story

Sacred Victims — People who continue to be harmed by original sin

The Elect — Those chosen to make things right

Supernatural Beliefs — Beliefs beyond scientific understanding or known laws of nature

Taboo Facts — Things forbidden to say

Taboo Speech — Word that trigger anger among the elect

Purifying Rituals — Acts perceived to make people innocent of guilt and responsibility

Purifying Speech — Words people use to be perceived as virtuous

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