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Do Most Humans Operate on Beliefs and Not Evidence

Excellent comment seen on Signs of the Times SOOT

A further exploration of some of the ideas presented.

I begin with Tali Shorat’s research that found that people make choices based on beliefs and not evidence. Most of our self-identity beliefs are formed by the age of 7. This is one reason that religions were so successful, is that they controlled the early education and set the belief system. It is also the reason why USA education begins earlier and sets the belief systems of children, such as global warming, choose your sex during playtime, all whites are part of systemic racism, social activism against the “stupid” adults who have made this mess we live in. Furthermore, current education does not teach how to think, reason, evaluate, be compassionate, have perspective, see beyond black and white, and have any real individual values, like freedom or self-development. Current education in the USA results in a child with these beliefs in an adult body.

More recently there is the DARPA program Next Generation Social Sciences where the focus in how “collective identity” is created, controlled and effects behavior. What is collective identity? It is the idea that the “good” of the group or community is more valuable and important than individual identity. We saw this with the plandemic where masks and social distancing protects your grand parents from the dreaded disease “covid”. The mask became a symbol of belonging to the group; I am because I am a member.

What connects these 2 ideas? Identity. Who are you? What are your inherent values? What is important and valuable?

What is Woke identity? It is collective identity beliefs:

-gender is your choice at elementary school age, and your parents don’t need to be informed;

-global warming is made by “stupid” people driving cars, growing food, and eating beef or chicken;

-all whites are racist destroyers of black people, especially police so defund them (but not Asian, American Indian, Middle Eastern)

-the Southern border brings freedom and democracy to immigrants

-America was founded on racism, so blacks (not Indians) deserve reparations

-Christianity is imaginary beliefs -Putin and Trump are evil dictators overthrowing the free Democratic Ukraine and America

-Satanic ritual abuse is not real and certainly not practiced by Hollywood or government or media

-the evil today is white supremacist domestic terrorists

-the USA election system works perfectly as long as the right people are selected

-the Maui wild fires, melted aluminum and glass, were from a Hurricane, not a directed energy weapon

-there was a real pandemic and the masks, social distancing and vax saved most of us from death.

Are these collective beliefs founded on the individual? No, they are all external to a personal identity. Most of them would be dependent on a victim sense of identity. “I am powerless to be myself with these evil forces.” What is the result? Read SOTT and look around.

The only way to understand the insanity and clown world reality we are living in, is to see it as engineered. The difficulty in seeing it as engineered is it has been done gradually over decades making it relatively invisible. The destruction of the family as an example has involved many elements over time: both parents working to support the family and this economic pressure leading to arguments and disagreements, children put into school all day with “indoctrinators”, entertainment that emphasizes broken families and mother/father angry splits, the destruction of morality itself as Christianity has been attacked, the promotion of sex as free and fun and not connected to love between a man and a woman, the development of education as an indoctrination medium to create and manage the beliefs of children. Each generation reinforces the indoctrination of the next generation.

Furthermore the engineering is invisible because in education in the West children are not taught real history, the hidden drivers of events like powerful individuals and groups (the robber barons of the late 19th and early 20th century), or the connections between events. This is why I recommend Cynthia Chung and Matt Ehret, is because they do make those connections, leading you to think.

How has it been engineered? On the one hand by incapacitating people’s ability to reason, which involves the left brain and right brain being integrated. In my view, integration and splitting are connected. On the other hand by controlling the perception of reality through scientific materialism and disintegrated sound-byte media’s “current thing”; i.e. the only things that are “real” are what you can hold and touch, everything else is “unreal” like remote viewing, telepathy, love, God. The sound-byte news is the “truth”.

What is required for reasoning? Having directed attention along with the emotional intelligence to identify intention and seeing the connections between events through time.

What destroys the ability to reason? As the Dune protagonist states, “Fear is the mind killer”. The state of fear reduces people to “fight or flight” responses, no thinking.

This has been the key driver of the manipulation of people through traumatic events like Pearl Harbor, the cold war nuclear threat, the assassination of JFK and MLK, 9/11, multiple mass shootings, the war in Ukraine, the war in the Middle East, the open Southern Border, Trumpism, the plandemic, disease X.

As Elan, noted it is ideas being emotionally driven, and I would add instinctively driven with survival and safety as the direction, that lead to no thinking. So much of the propaganda of the government and media is “safety” and “security”. Why? They are connected to “fight or flight” instincts.

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