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Worldwide Excess Deaths, Since the mRNA Injection Roll-Out = 16,484,000

I thought the number would be higher, I guess we can take this estimate as the bare minimum. The spreadsheet is here:



4 replies on “Worldwide Excess Deaths, Since the mRNA Injection Roll-Out = 16,484,000”

How accurate is the data for excess deaths? The Empire of Lies has exceeded its normal chronic reflexive dishonesty when it comes to pretty well all matters COVID. So yes, probably the numbers listed are lower than what was real.

A challenge: find one honest statement pertaining to COVID and the ‘jabs” made by any political figure or medical authority in the so-called ‘western world’. I suppose with a diligent search with a magnet the needle in the haystack can be located.

And while the excess mortality is whatever it may be, there are so many injuries, so much harm, much of it still not connected to the injectable brew.

I had visits from two people a few weeks apart, back when the jabs were all the rage, euded as ‘safe and effective’ wonders. One was an amazingly fit 80ish year old, the other a fit young senior, a walker.

Both had suffered strange new serious ailments in the days and weeks following jab # 2. Both had made no connection to their sudden torments – he hardly able to walk, she extreme cramping.

Perhaps coincidental? OK. But far more likely jab injuries that will never be reported as such.

For sure, I may take one more stab at using “their data” in postulating that about 50% of the countries stopped reporting after 2022 or 2021. When it became obvious that the excess deaths were not attributable to COVID, but clearly the smorgasbord of the injections. Those countries started showing massive deaths in Q1, for northern climates, weakened individuals taken down by the cold and also say flu. So the stopping countries should have an additional multiplier, and anedoctyl evidence support that in many places 2021 was a quick kill but 2022 and 2023 accelerated the death rate.

A good study would be which countries stopped in Q1 of 2022,if those were primarily northern countries. That would support the hypothesis.

Correlation does not prove causation. Some even more weirdly spew, Correlation does not imply causation.

When events are temporally linked, it is insane to not consider one causing the other, or both being caused by a third factor. I haven’t written to my large college group in quite some time, many who bought the lies hook line and sinker, and many who self censored (and told me so in private) for fear of appearing “conspiratorial” and not getting needed help from our other brothers if they fell into a pinch. Understandable, but at the same time, shameful.

I shall write to them with the current evidence. And consider the effect on life insurance companies?

I have some annuities which I considered cashing out as early as possible, but my astute financial advisor, who was not a conspiracist as me, but does see the current data and now links it to the injections, told me those annuities will benefit from the amount of people dying young as the payouts will be much smaller, and therefore they are a good hedge against the de-pop agenda.


Two notable sentences from below material posted by Dr. William Makis:

“What we are seeing in graphs of CDC data, is the rising, long term destruction of COVID-19 Vaccinated young people, worst at ages 0-24.” and

“The disturbing part of this is that excess deaths have doubled in 2023 compared to 2022 and made new highs at the end of 2023.”

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