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Nextdoor — I Tried It, Spoke of Excess Deaths and Protested Drag Queens Exposing Themselves to Children in Libraries, and Was Banned

Here is their policy, which I was allowed to view after being banned.

When they don’t like your comment or post the “hide it”, I protested several “hidings” and never got a response. I just have to assume they are funded by the Soros types

Here is some contact information


Media relations

Email us at press@nextdoor.com.
(Only members of the media will receive a response.)

Investor relations

Email ir@nextdoor.com or visit investors.nextdoor.com.


Contact us at nextdoor.com/support.


Policies to prevent racism & discrimination

The Community Guidelines describe behaviors that are and are not allowed on Nextdoor. Violations of these guidelines may result in removal of content or loss of access to Nextdoor. 

We do not tolerate racism, hateful language, or discrimination of any kind on Nextdoor. Please review our specific policies:

  1. No racism, discrimination, or hate speech
  2. Support for equality
  3. Our commitment to our neighbors
  4. Removed content and disabled accounts

To learn best practices for discussing issues related to race and discrimination on the Nextdoor app or website, please review the following resources:

No racism, discrimination, or hate speech

People on Nextdoor are your real neighbors, and ALL should feel that they belong. Racism and racial discrimination create an environment of exclusion, intimidation, and fear. No one should feel this way in any neighborhood, but it is particularly harmful if it is the neighborhood in which you live. 

We have a strict policy against racist behavior, discrimination, and hate speech of any kind in Nextdoor posts and conversations. While we recently launched an anti-racism notification aimed at preventing discriminatory language on Nextdoor, it’s still important for neighbors to consider how their words might impact others. Before posting something that could be interpreted as racist or discriminatory, ask yourself: 

  1. How would you feel if someone directed this statement at your child, parent, or significant other?
  2. Is this a statement or point of view that you would share at work, in your place of worship, or in a city meeting?
  3. Would you state your comment in person to the individual or group of people you are referring to? 

Please pause to deeply consider how your words may affect your neighbor. Learn more about preventing racial profiling

If you see a Nextdoor post or comment that you believe is discriminatory or racist in nature, please follow these steps to report it. If you see a racist post or comment from a neighbor whose behavior is repeatedly or egregiously discriminatory or racist, please follow these steps to report the individual.

We are committed to removing any content (posts, comments, profile photos) or racist behavior that violate this policy. Furthermore, neighbors repeatedly engaging in this behavior will be subject to temporary or permanent removal from Nextdoor. This behavior includes, but is not limited to:

    Racism, discrimination, or insults
Discriminating against, threatening, or insulting others (including public figures) based on their membership in a protected or marginalized group. Protected and marginalized groups include: People grouped together based on their actual or perceived race, color, ethnicity, age, immigration status, national origin, religion or faith, sex or gender identity, sexual orientation, housing or socio-economic status, disability or medical condition, weight or size, and veteran status.
Assuming that someone is engaged in suspicious activity or criminal behavior because of their race or ethnicity. (Learn more about preventing racial profiling.)
Using negative stereotypes, caricatures, or generalizations about a group of individuals. This includes the use of insulting imagery or memes.
Using slurs, profanity, derogatory racial terms, or other language that reduces an individual’s humanity. This includes the use of the dehumanizing terms, “illegals,” “illegal aliens,” or “aliens” to refer to non-citizens, the use of racial code words (e.g., “Thug” or “Oriental”), as well as the use of derogatory language to refer to people who have a criminal history (e.g., “scum” or “animals”).
Denying an individual’s gender identity or sexual orientation, or promoting support for conversion therapy and related programs.
Mocking or attacking the beliefs, sacred symbols, movements, or institutions of marginalized or protected groups
Hate speech, violence, or threats
Showing or eliciting support for hate groups or people promoting hateful activities.
Promoting hate-based conspiracy theories and misinformation (e.g., Holocaust denial or “Antifa is invading the suburbs”)
Suggesting, showing, threatening, or glorifying the use of violence — even jokingly — against an individual or a group of individuals. 
Attempting to condone or trivialize violence against others — even inadvertently (e.g., “Yeah, but that person is a criminal”).

Support for equality

Racial equality

Racism has no place at Nextdoor. We stand in solidarity with neighbors advocating for racial justice and those speaking out against hate. These issues are relevant in neighborhoods everywhere — that’s why we allow conversations in support of Black Lives Matter, Stop Asian Hate, and other movements that advocate for racial equality and civil rights anywhere on Nextdoor as long as they adhere to our community guidelines

Content posted in opposition or as a rebuttal to support for racial equality is counterproductive and harmful. We ask that neighbors be mindful of engaging constructively in discussions on these issues. While neighbors are free to disagree in civil ways about the policies or tactics advocated by equality movement organizers and supporters, posts and comments intended to undermine their core messages of equality are prohibited. For these reasons:

  • Content promoting “All Lives Matter” is prohibited when it’s used to diminish racial equality, the Black Lives Matter movement, or Stop Asian Hate.
  • Content promoting “Blue Lives Matter” is prohibited when it’s used to diminish racial equality or the Black Lives Matter movement, but permitted when used to honor, celebrate, or thank the police for work done in a community.
  • Content promoting “White Lives Matter” is prohibited, as it is most commonly associated with white supremacist groups.  See our Hate & Terror Groups policy for more information.

To learn best practices for discussing issues related to race and discrimination on the Nextdoor app or website, please review the following resources:

LGBTQIA+ equality

LGBTQIA+ stands as an acronym for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and/or Questioning, Intersex, and Asexual community. Homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, and any other mistreatment, aggression or unkindness shown to people on the basis of their gender and/or sexual orientation is expressly prohibited on Nextdoor.  LGBTQIA+ issues have a place in neighborhoods everywhere — that’s why we allow content discussing or celebrating LGBTQIA+ matters anywhere on Nextdoor as long as it adheres to our community guidelines.  

Our commitment to our neighbors 

Our Community Guidelines were established to ensure all people feel welcome on Nextdoor. We leverage a combination of technology and the human judgment of our neighbors and the Nextdoor Neighborhood Operations team to report and remove content, behavior, and individuals that discriminate or generally make others feel unwelcome. 

However, we may not always get this right. Sometimes, this process may fail to remove content that violates our Community Guidelines or it may erroneously remove content that belongs on Nextdoor. If you see either of these situations happening, please report this to us. We are committed to doing what is right and continuously learning, iterating, and improving along the way. 


Community Guidelines

We’re glad you’re here. 

We want everyone to feel welcome on Nextdoor, and we have created these Guidelines to define the values of the community we want to build. On Nextdoor, you’re connected not by a shared preference, but a shared connection to a place — your neighborhood. Let’s build a strong one together.

1. Be respectful to your neighbors

You’re speaking to your real neighbors. Strong communities are built on strong relationships.

2. Do not discriminate

We do not tolerate racism, hateful language, or discrimination of any kind.

3. Discuss important topics in the right place

We have policies and dedicated spaces for important non-local topics, such as national politics.

4. Use your true identity

Nextdoor is built on trust — we want everyone to know they’re communicating with their real neighbor, and therefore require you to use your true identity. 

5. Do not engage in harmful activity

We prohibit any activity that could hurt someone, from physical harm to scams.

You, our neighbors who make up Nextdoor, play a key role in neighborhood moderation by reporting content or neighbors that violate these Guidelines. Please remember that disagreeing with a post is not a reason to report it. This slows down our ability to remove content that is truly abusive and to create a platform where everyone feels welcome.


4 replies on “Nextdoor — I Tried It, Spoke of Excess Deaths and Protested Drag Queens Exposing Themselves to Children in Libraries, and Was Banned”

No discrimination of any kind tolerated, except for discrimination against people who make it evident that they do not share our ideology. Thus we are left in the vortex of inherent and implacable contradiction. The problem is solved by discriminating against the unwelcome by banning them, which makes overt evidence of contradiction, indeed all traces of contradiction, disappear.

Supposedly they let me back on today, after my 3 day cooling off period, Wow. I need to research who funds Nextdoor, I don’t remember any ads. Maybe this is how “they” control at the local level.

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