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Of Course the USA is Being Intentionally Destabilized, Duh.

This was a good summary, so I am sharing it.


What would we say if a foreign country, for example, Russia, China, Iran, or North Korea, carried out the following actions:

  • Invaded through the American southern border with two million troops.
  • Stopped fuel production, ending American self-sufficiency, returning America to dependence on Middle Eastern and other countries that hate America, while facilitating Russian fuel domination in Europe.
  • Burnt and destroyed the downtown commercial sections of almost all American cities.
  • Defunded and disbanded the police, while releasing criminals from prison and refusing to incarcerate any criminals, leading to a major spike in violent crime. Then, if that were not sufficient, contrary to science, fire large numbers of unvaccinated police, firefighters, emergency medical workers, and hospital workers with natural immunity, the very people who were celebrated as heroes throughout 2020, but are now regarded as criminals.
  • Granted illegal aliens $450,000 each of taxpayer money for their suffering in not have been received by an honor guard upon their illegal entry.
  • Flooded the American economy with vast amounts of counterfeit money printed without anything behind it, leading to galloping inflation, a type of regressive tax punishing the poor and middle class. Then use the fake money to pay people to stay home and out of the workforce, leading to the greatest labor crisis in American history.
  • Claimed that the foundational documents of America, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are null and void, due to, you know, slavery. These are replaced by a regime in which male and white citizens are to be punished for, you know, slavery, and replaced by females and minorities of color (except for Asian Americans, who have disgraced themselves by being too successful).
  • Required schools to teach that white children are evil oppressors and children of color are forever victims, and likewise, that male children are brutal and toxic, and females are victims. But, schools will teach that there is a way out for toxic males and female victims by transitioning to trans females and trans males, which the schools facilitate secretly, without informing any parents.
  • Declared that children now belong to the government, and parents have no say in their education. Any parents who speak up about their children’s education are “domestic terrorists” and must be persecuted and suppressed by School Boards, the Department of “Justice,” and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  • Threatened the Supreme Court with either endorsing far-left agendas, or being canceled by court-packing with far-left justices. Declared the Court is no longer co-equal, but subservient to Congress and the Executive branches.
  • Abandoned American citizens, residents, and allies in giving up American’s strategic position in Afghanistan.

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